A good day
I am Sam. Sam I am


The Onde tank is complete. Here I am in the usual pose-y shot:


And here's the one I like better--all wind swept and everything.


I rather like this tank, except for one thing. I can't find an armhole finish I like. Right now the edges are unfinished, but they roll so much my bra strap shows sometimes. I tried a few things last night and the made the tank too small under the arms. I might try a single crochet (which I did at the neck) and see if that works. Or, since it's mostly acrylic, I might take the iron to it to try to kill the stitches a bit (I believe that's the correct term) and make them stay put. The bottom 3X1 rib curls a bit too, so I might try that there as well. Today is perfect tank weather too. It's under 20C outside so I'm not cooking in this thing.

And, the booga bag has been felted and is drying. It took less than two wash cycles to felt the kureyon--a record for me. This time I threw in a couple of towels which may have helped. It looks great though and will be the perfect gift when stuffed with some sock yarn and needles. A little sock-starter kit for a knitter friend of mine who shall go nameless because I know she reads this occasionally.

Sam is also progressing. I'm almost done the second sleeve and this will be my car knitting over the weekend. The baby is coming Thursday and I would like to have it when I visit Mom and babe in the hospital on the weekend.

With the weather turning I'm starting to think Fall knitting (even though it should/better get hot again). So, I'm off to order the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Two and join the Klaralund-along. I have the Silk Garden in my stash already and it's nice to find a lovely pattern to use it for.



I love everything about what you've done there! great shape to the tank, and the Onde is just great, isn't it. Looks like a ice pop.

There was a finish I used on one of my Giotto tanks that surprized me. It was so simple and unfussy, I couldn't figure out why I never thought of doing it on my own. Using a smaller needle and with right side facing, pick up the requisite number of stitiches, work in garter st. for two rows, cast off Knitwise on Wrong side. Needless to say the last bit there is key.

It certainly is fast and doesn't take over the whole look so that Ombre color change can do its thing.

The tank looks great on you!

What tank pattern did you use and how many balls of onde did you use?

The new tank looks great! It's a beautiful colour.

It's so purty! Looks great on you.

Your Onde tank looks great on you. Fabulous job. I have that yarn in the lime green color. I can't wait to use it. What pattern is that tank from? It's a perfect fit!!! :)

I love your Onde tank, it really takes advantage of the color change. It looks great!

the tank is lovely! Congratulations on a great FO just in time for cooler weather... isn't that always the way? start on!

This looks great!! Onde looks wonderful! I'd love to know what pattern you used for this (if any). I've never done a tank before and this one would be perfect because I hate the tiny strappy tanks because I refuse to go bra-less or wear a stapless bra and hate when the tank straps are too tiny to cover my bra straps.

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