Sugar High


I needed something to knit on the subway yesterday so I scooped up my Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran and some 5mm addis and swatched for Lara. I got gauge on the first try (I so love that I'm generally able to predict yarn and tension) and last night watched the Lost pilot (which I missed the first time--and which filled in a few plot holes for me) and got started.


This garment is knit in one piece from the left sleeve across to the right so it'll be an interesting knit. All I can say about this yarn is mmmmmmm. It's so squooshy and soft. The drape will be different from the Alpaca Silk the pattern calls for but I don't think it will matter. It's going to be a fab cardi. I also adore the colour (Venetian)--a chocolately purple (if that makes sense--it's purple against brown, but brownish when you look at the ball).

I'm sure to get more knitting done tonight while watching the results of the election. Vote Kerry. It's weird being so invested in an election that I can't participate in, but I'm sure to be affected by the results, so Vote Kerry.


I understand about your investment in the election being as I am also Canadian, though I am currently living in the US. After I heard a piece on CNN about how easy it is for foreigners to register to vote, it had crossed my mind to register and cast a Kerry vote. But after some more thought (the word felony and revoking student visa crossed my mind) I realized that it would be more important if I lived in a swing state. Here's to hoping for some change tonight!

mmm...Lara looks great already. I can't wait to see what it looks like done!

Me too Steph. I so want Kerry to win, but there's so much corruption in the election process that it looks pretty bleak for him.

The colour is beautiful. Ram wools is having a sale on that Jo Sharp yarn right now. I agree about the election thing, why am I more wrapped up in american politics than our own? There seems to be so much more at risk somehow.

I did my part...let's just pray now that it will be over right away.
Lara is such a nice knit.The yarn is wonderful and she is VERY warm...I know.

I love the Jo Sharp yarns. I think Lara will Lara will turn out great using this yarn. Pretty so far!

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