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Colourwork crazy

So I'm getting ready for bed and I notice a possible catalyst for my recent desire to do colourwork. 


The duvet cover is from Ikea and we bought it a few months ago.  Craig picked it out and I wasn't sure about it at first, but now I see that this is a knitter's duvet.  All those Scandinavian knitting motifs--it almost looks like a Dale of Norway chart.


It's also a nice background to my emerging Nordic mittens.  I noticed my gauge was off so I started using smaller needles (2.25mm) a few rows into the pattern, but we're not going to tell anyone are we?  Here's a picture of the palm and the nifty thumb gusset. 


I love knitting this and watching the pattern evolve.  Though I fear that I won't have enough yarn.  On the advice of my not-so-local-yarn-shop I only bought one ball of each and they're getting eaten up fast (why I though 220 metres of yarn would be enough is beyond me).  Fingers crossed because I really don't have time to trek all the way back out there.


Looking good there! I might have to get brave enough oneday and try my hand at something hard like that.

Wow that Dovet is bright! Though yes would be a knitters dream to knit.

mitts look great.Interweave knits summer 2004 has a lesson on how to knit two colours on the left hand if you were interested.

Yow! Pretty mitts! I love your duvet cover too--oh, what I wouldn't give to live less than 3 hours from the closest Ikea again...

I love the "nifty thumb gusset." I may have to give that pattern a try. Good work!

Fess up. Did you make your bed for that picture or do you make it every day?

love the colors!

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