New yarn loves

It has begun

Last night February Fix-It Fever took hold and I wasn't reaching for the Advil.

The fact that the first piece of yarn I unweaved (?) was a seam meant this was meant to be.


I have most of it wound back into balls and there was no kink to the yarn--no washing!

The fever must have really taken hold because I've started to hunt for more things to rip.  I've started this one but it's not going as well.  Scissors will be needed and the shoulders were grafted (quite well if I were to brag) so this baby's going to take a tad more patience.  I never liked the sweater (the dropped shoulders are the culprit) and I may never use the yarn again, but it feels so good to rip it out.

What didn't feel so good to rip was the 7" of sockapolooza sock I made yesterday--the one where I didn't notice that I was doing the pattern completely wrong.  The one I want perfect for my sock pal.  Grrrr.


Free the yarn! Drop shoulders -- I've sworn them off.

It only feels good to rip something you don't want anymore. Glad you got lucky with the first one :)

I ripped a tank/shell made of chenille. I know, whatever possesed me. I made a snuggly cat mat out of it. Much better use of lionbrand stuff. I do like your mandarin collar sweater tho. shame about the shoulders; I guess designers use them due to ease of pattern??

You go girl!!! Whatever makes you happy!

I love that you've got ripping fever! It's too fun, isn't it?!

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