Saved from the sewing machine
Steek 101--Steph Style

Steek interrupted

This crochet steek thing seems to be harder than I thought.  The first run distorted the middle and it looked bad.  So I ripped and I'm working it again.  And I'm taking pictures so you can see the whole thing in one tutorial--I don't want to lead you astray with what I'm doing now, in case I change it.

But I also had a sad revelation last night.  I won't have enough yarn to finish the button bands.  Crap.  But my pal Amy comes to the rescue and extra yarn is in the mail.  However, I ain't cutting anything until I'm sure I can make this a cardi. 


Rats. I wanted to see yours steeked. I just finished binding off my body. What yarn are you using?

Do you hate that sewing machine that much? Are you sure? I'm telling ya, even a really crappy machine can sew a steek that will never be seen. If you are afraid of a rat's nest of thread on the underside, just hold the needle thread and bobbin thread to the back as you start to sew. It makes no difference if the tension is uneven on the stitches.

If this flirtation with crochet doesn't pan out, just get a trashy old sweater and experiment sewing it up for a fake steek. I am telling you - it takes no time and doesn't have to be perfect. Just figured I'd give it one last try to convince ya.

I'm looking forward to your steek show... and actually I wouldn't mind seeing the things that aren't working for you as well. I've also got a retro-prep cardi in progress (just ready to start the sleeves though), and will be a steeking newbie.

It's never as easy as it seems. You'll get it figured out :)

A contrast band might look nice. I recently 'fixed' a sweater by steeking and adding a contrasting neck and button band. It looks good. Also see a couple of examples of such over at chicknits blog.

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