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Knitting for Babies and Pirates

Yesterday was the ideal lazy day.  I did very little and had a great time.  I even accomplished some knitting FOs:


Notice the odd number?  A peg-legged pirate bootee perhaps?  No, someone who can't seem to maintain a consistent tension over two bootees.  So I had to do a third.  I'm hoping I can reproduce the bigger one (at a later date because I'm bit booteed out right now) for another baby-to-be.  At least I had two that matched and not three different bootees.


And while I could have worked on something already in the basket, I decided that a lazy day demanded something new so I started a Skull hat while watching the Assassination of Richard Nixon (good, but rather melancholy). 


I'm just up to the first set of skulls.  I'm using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino baby which is perfectly soft for a hat.  I decided to modify the pattern a bit and do a hemmed version instead of a provisional cast on (mostly because I'm lazy).

I love watching a fair isle pattern emerge, though obviously not enough to keep working on this poor abandoned sweater...


THOSE are the sweetest trio of booties I've ever seen! Isn't it weird how your gauge can change up on you - it's one of the things that is slowly curing me of starting so many projects (which then sit and languish...)

Happy Holidays! May all your dreams come true in the New Year, Steph!

What cute booties! And warm looking too. Happy Holidays!

I am almost done making the Skull hat and I am having a great time with the pattern. I also modified the hem to avoid the provisional cast-on. Yours is looking great so far. It is such a cool hat, and a fast knit.

The tension problem is one of the reasons why I try to finish one project before starting on another (at least before starting on another BIG project - I often have a pair of socks or similar on the go as a side thing). If I leave something for too long, when I come back to it you can bet your life the tension will have changed. It's actually quite a relief to know that I'm not the only one whose tension changes on them.

Those little booties... can I ask where you found the pattern? They're just like mini ugg boots! How cool! I'd love to make a pair for a new arrival that's expected any time now.


Apologies! I've just read further down your blog and found your link to the boots! They were ugg boots! How perceptive of me *cough* ;-) I really must start reading first and then commenting. ~Sharon

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