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Short-Row Heel Saves The Day

I finished the first Jaywalker sock again last night.  You may remember my running out of yarn dilemma of last week--it was solved by ripping back and doing a short-row heel (which I admit I prefer) instead of a classic heel.  I have plenty of yarn left and everything should go just fine from here.  And I know the sock looks stumpy.  I made the bigger size for my wide size 9 1/2 feet and so they're wider but shorter.  They fit, so I'm not complaining.  I will test drive these socks a bit to see if I should deviate from my usual 64 stitch socks.


I even started on the second sock and am 10 rows from the heel.  I'm motivated to finish because I want some new socks and a chance to win some STR yarn provided by the lovely Cara.  Also, my pal Anmiryam sent me some gorgeous Vesper yarn in the Aqua Melon colourway.  I'm thinking I'll use it for a plain pair of toe-up socks with a picot hem, though her Vesper Jaywalkers sure are cute.


Love the fix! So glad you'll have enough yarn. And thank you for saying I'm lovely. That was really nice to read. :-)

Nice sock. Get cracking, you need to get into the game for the STR.

Glad you like the Vesper. It'll be fun socks, pattern or no.

The sock looks awesome. Having enough yarn is always a good thing, eh? Happy knitting!

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