Some Knitting


How an innocent question turns into an afternoon of hole-making.

1. Wonder why Alexander's room is colder than the rest of the house.

2. Pull off heating vent cover, vacuum, notice that the hose if sorta "free" in the hole.

3. Get light, realize duct is actually not connected to the hole (photo from between the floor boards).


4. Panic a bit.  Swear a lot.

5. Get your handy dude Craig to start investigating.

6. Realize holes will need to be made.

7. Get a bit light headed.

8. Make hole.


9. Discover that duct is not connected to vent, and to the other elbow, or the main duct (ie the ankle bone is not connected to the knee bone or the knee bone connected to the thigh bone).

10. Swear a lot. 

11. Make more holes.

12. Start reconnecting.

13. Realize holes are not big enough for arms and seeing what one is doing.


13. Make bigger holes--ie make two holes one.

14. Finish reconnecting.

15. Patch holes next weekend.  Go eat at Lahore Tikka House for dinner instead. 


Ah the joys of home ownership. At least you guys can do it yourselves. In my house we'd have to pay someone a lot of money to figure out the problem and fix it. Which pretty much means we'd stay cold.

Glad to hear your adjusting! Happy New Year!

Yep, houses are full of fun suprises like that. The first holes of many over the years, I'm afraid.

Oh crap. that looks like he's got his arms into a bit of wall that is freshly painted in a tasteful colour. Isn't that just the icing on the cake.

Ack! Good luck with the patching!

Wow, I am impressed! I would have just stayed cold and annoyed...

It gets a lot easier to make holes in your house. Harder to fix them....witness the 5 year old orifice over my stairs.

YIKES!! That really bites! Glad you were able to catch it, though. Hooray for Craig!!

Well done! But make Craig wear a dust mask next time. Whether it's plaster or drywall, that stuff is hell on your lungs. Also, please see page 536 of your 'I'm a Homeowner! Manual': dinner out is mandatory following any repair chore that involves (1) making holes in the ceiling and/or (2) stuffing half of yourself under a sink while wielding wrenches.

Oh sweetie, NOW you are truly a homeowner. It doesn't really HIT you until you have your first "OH Crap" moment. It'll be OK though, Craig looks pretty darn handy (although the nurse in me will repeat - no yell - MAKE HIM WEAR A MASK next time. That stuff is HORRID for lungs!)

Yeah for going out to dinner. Yeah for yummy indian food.

Crap - that would be one of my fears as to what is wrong with my office...except others in the condo complex have the same issue...dunno...although I did get my attic insulated like all hell recently, so that will help some!

Sounds like my knitting...make holes. Good luck with the remodeling!

Ugh - home repairs, especially ones that require making holes in drywall ON PURPOSE are just not fun.

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