Mason Dixon Knitting to the Rescue!
Keeping my resolutions


Perfect is the absolutely the right word!

That looks FABULOUS. Nicely done!

It is amazing. Wow!!

I agree... done + warm + beautiful = perfect. It's truly lovely

Wow, it IS perfect!

Just wow!

It's Awesome!
Great call on the edge. I may have to steal your idea for mine.

Wow! It's stunning!

Oh my gosh, that's gorgeous! It's absolutely perfect. I love it.

What a wonderful rainbow of lizardy-ridgeness -- it is, indeed, perfect!

What a gorgeous blanket! I love the colours you went with. I may just have to make one myself after seeing how nicely yours turned out! ;)

that. simply. rocks.

Wow, awesome. Great job.

Stunning. I wish I could make it materialize on my couch.

Absolutely PERFECT!!! How inspirational.

Bravo! It looks great!

It's wonderful! You did a great job and the edging just sets it off!

Mazel Tov! What a perfect housewarming present for yourself! It's fantastic!

Oh. my. That is a piece of art! Beautiful Steph


that takes my breath away. What a stunning piece of work!

It is really beautiful!! I love it!

Stunning! It's the best one I've seen so far.


What a gorgeous blanket - it's really beautiful. You did a wonderful job on it.

Ditto what everyone else's gorgeous! Such great colors!

Bravo! It's fantastic!!

It really is beautiful--you're inspiring me to pull all my pieces out and put mine together!

Wow, it looks great! I had no interest in knitting the pattern before, but now I may have to consider it....

That is amazing. Looks very warm and cozy too.

I love this blanket, and yours is absolutely beautiful. I am inspired to knit it, would you recommend mixed colour skeins or mixing my own? Well done you, happy snuggling!

Wow!!! Looks good enough to eat!

that's so beautiful and colorful! excellent job.

Beautiful! I love all the colors!!

Gorgeous !
It's really beautiful. All the colours work so well together.
Fab !

Gorgeous! Well done!

Very pretty. You are right to be proud of it.

what a beautiful result!

Perfect, indeed. Well done, Steph!

Amazing!!! I love your border choice, too :)

You're right, it is beautiful!

I like yours even better than the original. The colors alone just make me feel wamrer. I can only imagine how much warmer it must be in person.


Looks amazing!

Oh my goodness, I'm going to swoon. That is absolutely gorgeous. Well done you.

Oh it is gorgeous!!!! Now I want to make one! I do have a stash of Noro........

Your afghan is amazing!! I have thought about making one since I saw it one Knitty and now that I see yours I know it is in my near future. Thanks for the inspiration.

Absolutely amazing!

I love it. It's gorgeous.

wow. that is truly stunning. i really love it. well done!

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