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Finishing Friday

We're at the cottage for the Easter weekend and while the weather completely SUCKS (it's been snowing), there's lots of time for relaxing and knitting.  My plan was to get some things finished and I started the long weekend on a good foot, er, sock:


Uncle Ken's socks are done.  I love them.  The yarn is Regia Patch Antik (I don't know the colour because I lost the band).  Manly, but interesting.

Unfortunately we have the same size feet and they look great on me:


Tough to give them away, but Uncle Ken totally deserves them.  I'll just knit the next ones for me.  Tonight's plan is to finish the body of Pimlico--only 16 rows to go.


Very nice socks. As for the weather, I think I'd rather be dealing with crap weather at a cottage than in the city!

Beautiful socks. I really love the colors. Have a great Easter weekend!

The socks look great, nice work! Enjoy your cottage weekend...

I really like your socks- I just ordered the Lucy Neataby DVDs on socks- seeing your socks makes me want to pull out my Lucy Book and make a pair too.

I would have trouble giving them away too! I love the colors...
Hooray for finishing,
have a good holiday,
happy knitting,

Being away for the weekend is nice! We were snowed out of our weekend hideaway, but the next best thing to cottage knitting is couch knitting.

The socks are beautiful. Lucky Uncle Ken

Oh super! I love these socks! Sometimes self striping socks turn out wonky, but these are perfect- great job.


I just found your blog today after googling "pimlico shrug." I just cast off on mine last night and wanted to see if there were any finished shrugs out there. Just wanted to giving you a "keep going!" nudge becuase boy that rectangle can get long, can't it? Looking forward to seeing yours! (sorry about posting that on your gorgeous sock post, but I didn't know if you check comments on old posts). Glad i found your blog!

uncle ken is one lucky uncle...hope you enjoy your easter break

Nice socks! I'm currently working on a pair that I'd have a helluva time giving away if they weren't for someone with much larger feet. (Her feet are roughly the same size as my husband's -- he has been manfully enduring fittings of girly-colored socks.)

Lovely socks! I can see them peeping out from those Keen mary janes you posted a few days ago. By the way: Those shoes are so cute that ever since I saw them here, I've been longing for them :-) Which pair did you pick?

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