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Do you want a definite answer re the yarn amount? If so, I think if you somehow marked the yarn, knit ten stitches, raveled them and measured the amount they took, you could then unwrap all the remaining yarn and measure it to see how much you have. Based on how much ten stitches took, you could calculate whether or not you have enough.

Another way would be to unroll the remaining yarn, tie a knot at the center point. If you get an entire row done before you reach the knot, you have enough to do one more row. If you reach the knot before finishing the row, you don't have enough.

The second suggestion above is a good one, but I'd put the knot further back - maybe 1/3 of the way along. A cast-off row takes more yarn than a knitted row.

they all sound like good suggestions. all i can say is good luck! is that half inch gonna kill ya?

I like the marking the yarn 1/3 of the way in idea, but I also agree with Minnie....a half an inch doesn't seem like a make or break amount, but I am a careless knitter!

Ah but we all know you like to live on the edge! Kamikaze knitendingness!

Ditto what Charlotte and M-H said.

Pretty colour.

I love Tracy Ullman's sense of humour. Wonder if she cursed the ribbing as much as the other knitting blogs I've read??

It's beautiful! Just bind off already. ;)

Maybe blocking will get you the last half-inch? It's totally gorgeous....

I'm holding my breath to find out what happens!

I will sacrifice a swatch to the yarn goddess for you.

Ooo! I can't wait! That last BO stitch will make you cry.

Make it shorter! We all shrink with age...it'll fit perfectly in a couple of years...

That is so beautiful. What an elegant way to experiment with your courage and perspicacity.

If it was me, I would just bind off. How much will an extra row add anyway? It looks lovely.

You could also knit to the end of the last row you have yarn for, and do a crochet bind-off. That's where you use the crochet hook to loop each stitch over its neighbor, and it winds up looking as if it was a regular bind-off. I may have the name wrong, but it's a good technique when you run out of yarn!

I can tell you that the last half inch won't make a huge difference to the collar. Just keep in mind that it's 506 stitches to bind off at this point. Took me 2 hours to bind off alone! I'd just go ahead and bind off now because tinking back a whole row in ribbing will make you hate the pimlico in the end. It's beautiful as is.

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