Finishing Frenzy
Uh oh...

This will be addictive

They don't call it Crack Silk Haze for nothing.


Kaffe Fassett is a genius.

Why use one colour of kidsilk haze when you can use 10?  And why use them one at a time when you can hold two strands together and make more colours?


Doing this creates a more subtle and deep colour combination and it is beautiful.  The light tones mute the bright ones and the bright ones add dimension to the subtle ones.   It was impossible to photograph in a way that shows the combinations.  I'll try again when the light is better.

And it is super super soft.

I need a new coat and it must match this scarf since I plan on wearing it a lot.  I'm really liking this one (and it's not black because it'll be covered in ksh).


It does feel dressy, so I plan to try this one too (both are from The Gap).  I love toggle coats.  But stripes and plaid?



Go for it. The beauty that is 10 colors of kidsilk haze totally trumps any silly conventions about pairing plaids and stripes. I'm knitting that scarf too and I intend to will it to go with everything I own. Because, yes, it is just that beautiful.

Us Knitters !!!
We may be the only human beings trying to match the coat to the scarf and not the scarf to the coat !!! Ha! Ha!
Someone at our knitting group is actually knitting it - can't wait to see it myself.

Stripes and plaid, you ask? What more is plaid but stripes going both ways! I say, go for it; at least try them both (though for full effect you'd be best to take the completed wrap shopping with you!).

I like the way the grey coat is fitted, and it would be beautiful with the kidsilk haze! You will be beautiful in both.

Most people in Sydney (including me) don't even own a winter coat. The most I ever need is a leather jacket, plus a rain jacket gets an occasional outing. I really miss nice coats, and I was surprised to discover that there is an entire category of clothing called "outerwear" when I was in Vancouver recently. Both of those are great, but I'd go for the plain one. You'll get to wear it a lot and you might get a bit sick of the other one. Also, it looks a bit less dressy so mightn't be as flexible for different events.

My KSH for Earth Strip is waiting to be cast on. Yours is divine!

I think the plaid one seems more like you. Both are great.

Wow, that Earth Stripe is turning our beautiful. I think it will show up better on the solid grey jacket rather than on the plaid one.

It's really beautiful. I didn't realize that the pattern calls for two strands held together--that does make it more interesting than just striping.

I think the scarf will look better with the gray jacket. I'm not against stripes with plaid but I think this plaid will overwhelm the scarf. That said, I like the plaid coat better.

the Crack part must be in the fine print. but i think i'll go through my kidsilk haze stash and see what i can put together with mine. thanks for the inspiration!

I love the way that holding the 2 strands of KSH blurs and blends the colors, and makes new colors as well. I would go with the plain grey coat - I thought you wanted to make the mitered scarf as well? Then the coat would go with both!

I really need a new fall coat. I like the solid gray one myself. Your KSH looks wonderful.

Stripes and plaid TOTALLY go together. Matching different prints is very fashion-forward. Do it!

Plaid - Herb Tarlek from WKRP in Cincinnati
The size and position of the pockets?

Grey - Love the rounded collar. Wouldn't take anything away from the KSH.

Go in and try the coats on with KSH. You may decide to buy both.

I like the plainer grey one. It's dressy, and has a higher stylish waist. Go for it! Your scarf is turning out *gorgeous.* I really want to knit one now.

Viva stripes and plaid!! The stripes are such a different scale from the plaid, and the colours have things in common but are not too matchy... it sounds worth a shot to me. Pattern mixing rocks!

That said, the grey coat is a beautiful shape; fashionable, but not *too* of-the-moment.

I am intrigued by what you've written about this project; it's actually never occurred to me to do a striping project in a colour combination someone else has designed. Now I'm feeling the pull of this project. :)

You know, your pictures of the Earth Stripe are much more appealing than the pattern pictures. I'm attracted to it in a way I hadn't been previously.

And definitely the gray.

The colours in earth stripe are quite amazing and looks oh so soft. The plain grey coat gets my vote, it has beautiful clean lines and would go well with the scarf.

where can i get these ??

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