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The unexpected striping really is cool. It looks great with jeans. I'll bet your mom and mil think it looks better on you than on themselves, too.

Tigger might be in hiking boots all winter then, I guess. Or I might have to succumb to her demands for every cute pair of boots she sees (the girl in Sweden had cute ones and she's been noticing them in shop windows ever since).

If that sweater looks great on the MIL, I say wrap it up in Xmas paper. But you might want to stop knitting great sweaters that you don't like and give away. I love the one you gave me, but still...

Someone else will love it if you don't, I think that is one of the best parts about knitting, even though I think it looks good on you.

Well it's pretty!!!! That sucks you don't love it though!

Oooh la la! I got the sort of stylish but mostly substance Kanuk le Beloeil without the fur because it was extra and I am cheap.

Still need style :-) Also, boots for child...I may go the Land's End route because I'm sure there will be nothing left in the stores and little person will throw a Pink Deprivation Fit.

I don't see anything wrong with the sweater on you. It has great colors for you, and looks good with jeans! Also, your hair is terrific. I love that cut!

If you do give it away be sure to give it to someone who will LOVE it! It looks great!

If you do give it away be sure to give it to someone who will LOVE it! It looks great!

If you do give it away be sure to give it to someone who will LOVE it! It looks great!

I think it looks great and cozy and everything that is good, but if you aren't going to wear it I'm glad you have some good homes in mind.

As long as it looks good on someone that is all that really matters (I give away a number of things that look better on other people than they did on me). It's not like the knitting is going to waste. Maybe your next sweater will be perfect for you.

You are always cute. However, I foresee that right around the holidays the present idea will look irresistable to you.

I think it looks great on you!

Totally off topic here . . what happen to the Letter Zed ring? (any ideas?)

I love that color of Kureyon! I used it last year to make Fitzgerald for the ex-b.f., who didn't last long enough to get the sweater! My b.i.l. has it now and says he loves it.

I'm sorry you don't love the jacket. It is really cute and either your mom or mominlaw would be very lucky to receive it at Christmas. I have yet to attempt anything structured so I am in awe.

Nice coat choices.

I love Sherbie. Looks warm and cozy.

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