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I want to add some new blogs to my reading list.  Can you all tell which blog is your favourite and why? (And don't say mine, because even though that will make me smile and love you dearly, that isn't the point).  I have a list of what I read regularly on the left so you can see what I'm into.  I will warn you I have an aversion to excessive cat blogging.

Friday!  (I've been saying that all day; I was up early.)


Dogged -- -- mostly knitting with some quilting, family, and university teaching thrown in. Nice photos. And funny. Flint Knits -- -- for pretty much all of the same reasons (no quilting, but she has some musician stuff instead).

I'm all over the Dykes to Watch Out For Blog.
I check it every couple of weeks to see if there's a new strip up, or what Alison's up to now. There's that delightful voyeuristic thrill of seeing what an artist gets up to behind the scenes.
And Knit The Hell Up
Is my newest favourite knitting blog. It's witty and fun.

Shut Up I'm Counting is very funny:

Broke Knits is a new favorite of mine. Yay for Ravelry (!), that's how I found this blog and I've found a few others from there also.

It's not a knitting blog, but very funny, interesting, touching, well-written, and drop-dead-gorgeous absolute favorite blog is The Pioneer Woman (, and she has a great cooking blog, too. Her contests are phenomenal: last time she gave away a $500 gift certificate to a camera shop!

I really enjoy Knitting on Impulse, she has beautiful work and beautiful photography.

I also have an aversion to too much cat blogging. At the risk of tooting my own horn too much, I think my blog is pretty good: You might also like Jersey Knitter: and Eleven Stitches and Yarnbeans

I like "A Mingled Yarn." The blogster is an English professor and offers not only interesting knitting but intelligent book reviews. She's at amingledyarn dot wordpress dot com.

You already love all my people, but do you read ?

She's fantastic, funny, smart as hell, and just a hoot.

I recommend:
Kim has style and makes the most intricate and beautiful handknits. As well, she is an artist and creates the most beautiful knitted bears and sells them on e-bay under Starbearies. She is Canadian and lives in a little cottage near Kingston.
Renee lives in Milton and takes lots of beautiful photographs of her two children, as well as designing knits.
Rachel knits and designs beautiful items. She lives in Germany with her two children and her husband who has been deployed for over a year in the U.S. military. She's stalled a bit on her entries, as she's waiting for her husband to return from Afghanistan. She also spins and dyes her own wool and sells them on Etsy.

Jane lives in Michigan and knits many, many items for the poor and unfortunate. She is a voracious reader and has a long list of wonderful books she's read.
is a funny and entertaining knitter who makes me laugh each and every day.
Tia has become one of my favourites over the past two weeks. She knits beautiful sweaters etc. and has great cooking tips.
Sally is a sweet lady who creates beautiful hand-made bags under the name Nana Sadie Rose.

both have great writing. Apologies if this turns up twice.


Not a blog - but a columnist with the San Francisco Chronicle, I think Mark Morford is essential reading:

He does blog also - sometimes to good effect:

Scottish designer with thoughtful entries on the design process. And excellent tutorials.

( - this lady lives in Finland, and does natural dyeing. Her stuff is awesome.

Two of my favorites are Marnie Maclean ( and Susan B. Anderson, who did the Itty Bitty series of books ( Marnie is a very computer-savvy but very down to earth gorgeous person who knits better than I do and it makes me a little nuts that she appears perfect. Susan is a down-homey, baked chocolate chip cookies I-live-in-Minnesota nice ta meetcha type. She's a refreshing non-cynic and it's interesting to watch that kind of life be led.

I read a few of the one's already mentioned and Mochimochi. It's Japanese-influenced and fairly artsy. While it does have a fair amount of the random, it doesn't have tons of cat pictures.

What about Grumperina?

I see that you list Feministing (which is the blog that led me to you, I think). I recommend Feministe

I also recommend Two Women Blogging

I found this blog when Jay, one of the women, did a guest stint on Feministe. Great reading!

And of course there's Dooce and Fussy

Oh, I wish I could add more reads. Alas.

One of my favorites that hasn't been mentioned is -- the blog of designer Anne Hanson. Lots of beautiful pictures of designs in progress (and completed), as well as thoughtful posts about the design process.

My two favourite blogs that are completely the non-knitting variety and they are Cute Overload and Go Fug Yourself. I can't go a day without looking at them!

Tag! Come over to my blog to read the instructions! And have a great weekend. :)

I love Sheepish Annie too - She regularly responds to the comments you leave, so it feels like a conversation, not eavesdropping.

But hands down, one of my favorite unknown bloggers is She's a knitter and a mother, so there tends to be kid stuff in there. But she is wicked funny.

Now Norma Knits is one of my very faves:

She's fab and funny - I've been reading her blog for ages. Check her out!

Another is Fuzzy Logic (Lee Ann, who is in Montreal). She doesn't post often but when she does, they're good.

And another - What Housework who is Jessie in VT (Norma is in VT too) - she also sells some beautiful yarn and fiber.

None of the 3 are hysterical all the time but they can be. And the in-between stuff is good reading. Hope you enjoy them!

Oh yeah - Jacquie (above) is right - Go Fug Yourself is a riot! I check it out daily.

it's not knitting but I think you'd like Unrepentant old Hippie

you gotta see this.

i love this :
because her work is fabulous, the photos are beatiful and she's from britain (my country in france!)

I second Now Norma Knits...I read her daily!!

I like the Digital Knitter (
but I like airplanes, too. No cats.

Hey, you got an award! Details on my blog :)

I really like DancesWithWool ( Great photos of her life in Finland, beautiful knitting and beautiful writing.

I like Knitting is my Boyfriend.

(some cat blogging, though more now than usual because she just lost one of her cats)

What's wrong with cats?

I just jumped to your blog from Claudia's Blog and saw this post on new blogs. May I give my blog? I just started blogging last month and it's great fun.
I hope you enjoy it. I really like your blog - good stuff!

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