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Just looking at that pile makes me tired.

woolly thyme makes for a nice springy "carpet".

I`ve found that thyme (and other perennial herbs)is much cheaper if you buy the plants in the herb section rather than those in the perennial section - I got a whole whack of creeping lemon thyme and lavender quite cheaply at Loblaws and they are thriving beautifully.

Alison says you need more pictures of your kids...

That's some major work! Good for you! Moss is also a nice cover for some variation.

That sounds like a pretty big project. Good work! It sounds like it will be really nice when it is done.

Our next home improvement project is either updating the attic or remodeling the bathroom.

Oh, boy, what a project! Don't you just love how it's only the stuff you don't like that's built to outlast the next ice age? The rest of my house may fall down any second, but the ugly wood paneling is there to stay! (I painted it years ago. No point in fighting the inevitable.) I'm sure the yard will be looking beautiful by summer!

Holy crap, that's a lot of screws. Otherwise, I have soon-to-be-new-deck envy. I do miss having a yard or patio for summer fun.

Egads! How long did it take to shovel all that rock?

Was the deck higher?

The resident laughed his arse off about the circular saw. Oh and he has the same drill.

All the visuals makes me crave a beer.

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