I bet you didn't know this...
Some griping with some knitting at the end

I fold

I'm tired.  Really tired.  It's partly because I stayed up too late watching the premiere of the new 90210 (well not all of it; when I found out it was 2 hours long I went to bed, but it was still way past my bed time) and mostly because I spent the day standing up operating a letter folding machine.

Even with a machine folding over 3000 pieces of paper is hard work.  So much so that I don't even have the energy to knit Baby Cables (which I started and LOVE).  I took pictures but my camera batteries died and my nearly new charger doesn't work and I'm too tired to find new batteries (you get the picture).

Time for bed.  Tomorrow I join the co-workers who are stuffing the envelopes.  After I go for my annual physical (bleh).

Yep. Get a PhD, stuff envelopes.* 

*Good thing I'm paid well, have excellent benefits and a fabulous boss.


Oooo - letter folding machines. They're almost as fun as Really Good Copiers.
(Yes, I am serious; I have a weakness for big office machines.)
I'm sorry you had to work with it all day, though.

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