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Knitting Interlude

All this time on my own does make going out mighty difficult, so I've been getting in some really solid knitting time.

I'm on the body of Baby Cables...and I'm still in love with this sweater.  The Zara is squooshy, the pattern is fun and mindless (because I got no energy for thinking once the kids are in bed) and this is turning into a very wearable nice looking sweater.


By this time next week Craig should be home.  But maybe not.  Seems he's waiting for a part.  If it doesn't come in, he's home Saturday but may have to go back.

If the part does come in, he may just stay a bit longer. I'm not really liking either option... So I'll just show you another photo of my gorgeous WIP.


Back to it. I rented Michael Clayton and could watch half of it tonight if I don't crash in front of the tv.


The sweater is looking great. Watch the movie. It's excellent.

That is a lovely sweater.

I'm so happy that you and Terry are making this. I'm intrigued, but leery of the neckline.

You've sold me on that sweater, totally. And excellent choice of movie. Loved the ending.

Your new sweater is lovely. I love the color too. The cooler weather and changing of the seasons has me in the mood to knit sweaters.

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I have two colours of Zara in quantities enough for this sweater...and I've been dying to make it for myself. Trouble is, I'm in Durrow land and I owe Spiff big.


That sweater's going to look fabulous on you.

It's looking great! I hope you get to enjoy a quiet evening with your knitting and movie :)

That's a lovely sweater to be knitting while you await the election. My quandry is that my vote federally differs from my vote locally. I would vote along with you at a federal level but the guy running for another party locally would probably do the best job here, where I live and work. I know decisions made at a federal level will affect me but having a strong, good person here locally has to make a difference too.
- confused

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