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A little too much morning adrenaline

Some griping with some knitting at the end

My annual physical was uneventful except for learning one thing new--apparently I'm an inch shorter (want to verify this when I get home)--and getting confirmation of something I was in denial about--I've put on weight.  People at work call it the Simcoe Hall Spread and while I knew it was happening--too many lunch meetings, crappy catered food all over the place, not enough moving around--I figured it wasn't that bad. 


I need to lose 10-15 lbs.  Shit.  It was good to hear it from someone else because I didn't really want to hear my own inner voice noticing that all my clothes were too tight. 

I had started making some dietary changes this summer; no more beloved Coke every lunch (replaced it with almost palatable Coke Zero), trying to have less beer, less eating out for lunch etc. and I am riding my bike to work.  But it's not enough.  Time to get back into a gym.  Well, after Craig is back from his work trip.  No sense joining today only to take 5 weeks off because I have no childcare.  I will start back at the office lunch time yoga tomorrow and try *really* hard to keep it up (though I have a lot of lunch time workshops to attend which makes it difficult).

The better news was that all the envelopes were stuffed by the time I got into work today.  I have a fabulous team here and they spared me that job.  And we ordered in Thai food for lunch (I had more mango salad than pad thai noodles since I was still feeling the sting of the scale).

But enough about that...let's look in my knitting bag instead.

Here's my film festival sock.  It's the project I knit in lines, before movies start, during the Director Q&A's etc.  My first movie is tomorrow night! 

I got a bit of a head start on it during Xander's soccer game.  The yarn is one of the Kaffe Fasset Regia colours.


And here's my eye of partridge heel--very nifty.


And Baby Cables.  So pretty.  I'm just 20 rows in and I remember how much I love the Zara yarn (it's so squooshy). 


No Vino photos yet.  I need to be wearing some pants and it's too damned hot to wear a sweater coat.  I'm not complaining about the heat (it's like we're getting more summer!) just the idea of being wrapped in wool outside in this weather.


Well, better 10 than 110. The key to never needing to lose a whole lot of weight is losing a little when you need to. Still sucks.

I hear ya sista girl! I've been back at Weight Watchers for over a month to get only about 8 lbs off and it's been two off, two on so I'm only down about 1 lb after all that. It gets harder as we get older.

Ooh - I like that Regia sock yarn. The colors are stunning. And I hear you on the Zara. It's definitely squooshy. It's one of my favorites.

I hear you on the weight. I've been working on eliminating the foods by body doesn't tolerate (but which I stubbornly cling to) - GONE are the evil diet cokes and other fake sugars - I'm still working on the other real and hidden sugars. I'm actually off to my acupuncturist this morning as she helps me with my battle against sugar.

Best of luck! Oh - and I love knitting socks because to quote "In Her Shoes" - "they always fit." : D

I also have 10-15 to take off! The Dissertation Spread. Ugh.

I lost 15 over the winter, but in the heat of summer I've put five back on. Now I need to tackle that five and the 10 or so I didn't get to last year. I still think being moderate, healthy and active are the keys.

Now I'm off to have a glass of wine!

Oh, that getting older stuff stinks, doesn't it?

Buy a really fab pair of jeans that fit you well now at your current weight. Then you'll feel great about how you look, and it's easier to commit to the harder changes to lose the weight.

As for the beer, well, Stella Legere is only 2 points at Weight Watchers!!


Fall sometimes feels like a new year, only the weather is nicer to help you with your resolutions.

I don't knit socks - cuz little needles and thin yarn frustrates me - but i love your socks.

I feel your pain about the weight, baby girl. I have a spread brought on by knitting in front of the tv - i thought it was aerobic but i guess i was wrong. I suppose i will have to go outside for a walk. it's really too bad because i was a high school and college athlete and now i look and i don't know who that girl is...sigh...i think i need to knit!

I've gained at least 20 pounds since moving to Holland four years ago, Stef...My friend says everyone gains the "expat 10" when they move here, trying to adjust to new mysterious food and Dutch labels, and discovering that you can get an acceptable bottle of red wine for under €5 and excellent beer costs as much as a cup of coffee (Adjusting is much MUCH easier after you develop a Continental drinking habit, lol!!)...

... but unfortunately I moved here at the worst time -- when I'm perimenopausal with a slowing metabolism!

And exercise just isn't as effective as it used to be...When working in Cambridge for a month, I started walking to the office and back -- a good 90 minute hike -- and eating all that 'green' stuff that makes hubby and son go 'bleck'. The clothes started feeling better...I was feeling better...Then I came home, weighed myself -- and didn't lose ONE OUNCE!!

Dutchie thinks I'm gorgeous, bless...but unfortunately clothing stores don't quite agree!

Bummer, dude. Although, you might actually enjoy the gym like (surprisingly) me. FYI, my trainer guy swears that lifting weights jumpstarts the metabolism, and I must say that has been my experience. Also, you might consider drinking just plain water as your default beverage. That saves me tons of useless calories.

Good luck! Let me know if I can help.

Other than the bright blue, the colors remind me of Earth Stripe Wrap. Love it.

It looks like you have a plan! No only to finish a wonderful pair of socks while waiting for movies, but also to fit back in those jeans! Just switching away from the toxic high fructose corn syrup to Coke Zero was a tough one but you did it!

I am in the same fitness boat myself.

Hi! My friends and I have decided to start lifting weights because we read that we are probably losing muscle which reduces the number of calories one burns in general.
Good luck with your regimen!

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