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Job Opportunity for a Grad Student who's into blogging

I'm not sure how many of you are in my blog audience, but it is a neat research opportunity (something I would have done when I was a grad student).

Dr. Kim Bercovitz is looking for a graduate student with expertise in and passion for blogging and social media research. 

She is conducting a study on how cancer patients access online information and social support.  The student will conduct research by identifying the virtual landscape and the most popular sites/blogs/.podcast/on-line support groups and help conduct a discourse analysis of the various social media sites.  There may be opportunities to build and help maintain a blog.  Those that would like more information or to submit a resume may do so by contacting Dr. Kim Bercovitz at

That's all I know about it. Contact the email if you have other questions.


Man, I should have gone back to school. The musician I'm working with just finished a CD that's essentially songs written while she was caring for her mother who was dying of cancer. As a result, I'm currently researching cancer blogs. So I already have a list of 'em.

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