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It's a Random Wednesday and I'm lovin' it

To my otherwise lovely cubicle neighbour:

Please stop humming.  Stop.  Stop.  Stop!  I gather you do this when you are thinking, and I do not want to impede on the complicated work you do (it really is complicated number stuff) but I will jump over the wall and strangle you if you do not stop. 

Sincerely, from the northern cubicle

I hate working in a cubicle.  I miss offices.  With doors.  Haven't had one with a window in a long time, but I hear those are nice too.  This is leading to a letter to the brain-wave who came up with the idea of the cubicle, but I've got to find my ipod to drown out my neighbour.


I also hate the speakerphone call in the cube (someone is almost always too loud) and the meeting in the cube. Again, someone is almost always too loud. We also have an intercom system (which wouldn't work in my case as I have learned to ignore it) that used to drive me crazy! Thank goodness for my ipod!

The strangling won't seem worth it in about five years when I visit you in your cell.

Trust me on this one.

Three words: noise canceling headphones.

Another reason i miss office doors - when everyone around you has a cold and won't STAY HOME and be sick but insists on coming to work anyway to share their germs. Like they're being some super-employee and never missing a day of work. Please, MISS A DAY OF WORK!

I think I've washed my hands 20 times today and I'm still grossed out by all the sniffling and sneezing and coughing.

I hear you! I bought a white noise program and wear my headphones all day . . . the only problem is sometimes it works TOO well and I can't hear things I'm SUPPOSED to hear! ;o) If you want the link to the thingie I bought LMK, it only costs $20 and is totally worth it!

Dust off the old Dilbert cartoons....

Humming, cell phones ringing, talking too much, coughing/sneezing excessively - welcome to cubicle life. Urgh. I am a number cruncher myself and I do not hum when I think.

My brother stays with us several months out of the year (don't ask). The three of us (my husband, my brother, and I) all work at home. My brother whistles. Tunelessly. Constantly. I feel your pain.

I say hum in a competing tune. ;)

Ugh. Cubicles. Get ear plugs.

haha, the joys of being unemployed and at home on my own all day :-)

Being unemployed and home all day is truly a wonderful thing...unless your DH is a student who studies at home a lot. The tougher the course, the more he talks to himself. And then I think he's trying to say something to me. So I put down my knitting and go see what he wants...over and over again during the day. UGH!! One can never escape!! Ah well, at least I know where he is.............. ;-)

No jail time please! Go with the Bose noise canceling earphones.

How about nail clipping? Or checking one's voice mail on speakerphone? Or coughing up a lung? Our cubes are being downsized, from 9'x9' with 5' walls, to 5.5'x5.5' with 4' walls. Cozy!

My office is entirely glass on one side with only partial walls. My coworker and I are used to talking about projects or what to do with a particular problem over the wall. We're trying to restrain ourselves, because we know it has to be almost as irritating as listening to someone listening to political coverage or yelling on the phone (both things that happen more than they ought to at work).

I, too, have a cube neighbor who drives me mad. When I feel I cannot bear it any longer and must vault over the wall to wring her neck, I instead write a calming affirmation on a Post-It note (eg, "forebearance," "breathe deeply," "take the high road"), fold into a small rectangle and slide it into one of the slots on the connector tube of the partition between us. It is my own version of the Wailing Wall and it is a western wall, to boot! I also hung Tibetan prayer flags on the wall straight ahead of me to keep me in a healthy frame of mind. Most people think they are boating flags. Really. I also have a paper chain of the days until she retires and take one off every day. I love Mondays when I can take off three. I am thinking about getting a dustbuster so when her negativity and dark spirits threaten to seep over the wall, I can suck them up like Ghostbusters. Then I could give it to her as retirement gift!

oh, what to say. When my office was redesigned, someone decided some of us didn't need doors. So now our cubicles are all glass, we have no doors and the windows don't open for "safety reasons". I guess they thought we might actually jump out to get away from this s***hole.

My heart goes out to you!

I agree... although worse than cubicles is when you work in a great office with really nice people, but the office space is pretty big so there are a few desks and some other stuff in a communal area. And your office-roomie WHISPERS to herself as she types/writes EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING....

My cube neighbor hammers on his mouse button with his thumb like he's trying to kill it.. Whack whack whack All DAY LONG, every other second! Honestly I don't know why he doesn't have carpal tunnel in his hand. I DRIVES ME INSANE! He Whacks the mouse button so hard with his thumb that sometimes his screen goes sideways and he has to call IT to fix it! I have never seen that happen in my LIFE! I wear headphones with the music up so loud to drown him out and I'm going deaf. Then I make my co-workers mad because I can't hear the phone or intercom ring! I've told him to stop and he says he can't help it!??! AARRGGG Maybe I should just start playing the drums on my desk with my pens and pencils all day.. can't beat em join em!

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