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Beautiful Baby Cables and Big Ones Too

I confess I don't love the name of this sweater, but that doesn't matter because I love wearing it.

Baby Cables Finished

The sleeve drama was short lived and after a soak in some Soak and a few tense moments when it appeared that I had made a queen-sized blanket instead of a pullover, I had myself a new sweater.  Just so you know, Zara is superwash, and while the label says not to machine dry it, you gotta or else the thing stretches to magnificent proportions (just be sure to dry on low and watch it to sure you get the size right.

Baby Cables Back

I know a lot of you love this sweater, but are a bit leery about the neckline.  It's a toughie.  I have the same ambivalence about it.  I prefer to wear something underneath my sweaters (even one as soft as this) because I'm a sweaty kind of girl and I don't want to have to wash a sweater every time I wear it.  A regular crew neck tee looks like ass underneath this sweater, so the hunt is on for a very wide scoop neck, or I will just cut the neck out of an old one I have around here.

Baby Cables Front

Undergarment issues aside, I did find that the neckline did stretch as the day went on.  I can see two solutions. 

1. There is no reason why one cannot start with less stitches the neckline and essentially add a few rows to make the neckline narrower.  I had to add some rows before dividing for the armholes, so there's some play in there and it won't spoil the overall look of the design.  The thing with this option is that you have to decide to do this before you start.

2. My solution is an after-the-fact one.  At Lorelei's suggestion,  I crocheted a chain stitch with a 3.5mm hook around the neckline, making my stitches a smidge tighter.  It didn't change the look and now I have a nice, solid feeling neckline that shouldn't move too much.  If I find it's not quite right, it's less than 10 minutes  work to zip it off and do it again.  And as you can see, it looks pretty much like the cast-on edge.

Close up of new neckline

My modelled photos were taken before the crocheting, and the difference isn't all that much to the overall look, but it feels more secure on my shoulders.

All in all this was a well written pattern for a very nice sweater.


It's beautiful on you :)

Okay, I'm convinced. I need to knit this sweater.

How lovely! Fantastic job!

You look so beautiful in it! I'm inspired.

Very pretty Steph!

great job! it looks fantastic on you!

Ooh, I love that. It's a very neat, modern application of the classic cable.

Very nice. Looks great on, and it's such an original idea.

From one sweaty girl to another - you look fantastic! Enjoy!

What a beautiful's gorgeous on you

Lovely sweater, looks great on you and I love the detail of that little bit of cable snaking over to the back. Well done!

Beautiful! It's super flattering on you, too. I have similar issues with that type of neckline; I'm always drawn to those styles, but then I have trouble figuring out how to wear them. (And I always dry superwash wool in the dryer. Otherwise you end up with a lot of woolly nightgowns.)

super super cute!!

It looks great on you!!!

It looks so awesome - in person and online!

It looks fabulous! I wear a lot of these boatneck shirts from American Apparel, and love them. They fit me more like the girl who's modeling the brown color, fyi.

Looks great on you - what a good design. Try Talbot's for scoop-neck t-shirts (cotton with a bit of spandex), nice colours, bracelet-length sleeves, good quality for the price. They may not have too many in just now, though, because it's winter - haven't looked lately.

It definitely looks cute! I would definitely have to start with a smaller number of stitches for the neck, because it's always a good idea for me to hide the tats and this is the type of sweater I would want to wear at work.

Thanks for the insights into the pattern's shortcomings - its fabulousness is obviously clear with a single glance - beautiful job!

I bet the sales for this pattern just jumped. It looks great on you!! It's nice to see the fit of it as well.

That is GORGEOUS on you. I want.

Beautiful! It looks great on you!

Orb makes T's that have very wide scoop necks, with different sleeve lengths. You can get them at TNA.

I meant to tell you at the Purl how much I loved this sweater. It's quite beautiful. Nice work!

I like that! I agree, the name isn't the greatest, but it looks terrific, and the cables really stand out with the yarn you used.

Wow -- it's super pretty, and looks terrific on you! I'm about 2/3 through the body of my version...when it's finished, will you show me how to do the crochet around the neckline? :)

Wow!!! I'd love to make this one too. Yours is beautiful.

Something like this might work

It´s very light weight and has a big neck opening.

Cute design, nicely knitted and it looks lovely on you.

The neckline as is, doesn't fit into my wardrobe easily. I might be inclined to make it as a cardigan....

You look gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous in it. The sweater really suits you Steph.


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