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Rippin' Stupid

I've been tearing along on Baby Cables this last week and by Saturday night I was in the home stretch.  We were watching a pretty-good movie (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead) and I left the last few rows for the next morning so I could cast it off with all my wits about me.

Sunday, I start casting off and something is not right.  The right sleeve (the first one I knit) had 15 garter ridge; the left sleeve has 16.


I figure I must have messed up the last left cable by putting in a couple of extra rows in the middle part.  So I need to rip back about 15 rows.  Frogging ensues.

Then I consult my chart and check it out.  I count some rows, stitches and garter ridges and get a sinking feeling.  The left sleeve is the correct one.  The right one is wrong.  So now i need to reknit the one I just frogged and rip out the other sleeve.

How stupid am I?  Don't answer that.

I'm not sure if you can see the difference, but this is after I re-knit the already-correct-sleeve-I-frogged.  The ripped sleeve is the one I should have ripped out in the first place. 


I didn't have the same amount of knitting time on Sunday (went to see Madagascar 2, which was good fun, then felt like crap due to bad food I ate) so I'm having a do-over tonight.


It's looking good and I hope it'll be dry for knit-night at Lettuce Knit on Wednesday.  If I don't do anything else stupid to it.



I once ripped the same (wrong) seam three times.

Been there, done that!!!!
Sorry, I had to chuckle but I feel your pain.

It is looking great!

Sorry you had to go through all that ripping. At the same time, though, you are a real comfort and encouragement to me: I'm not the only one!! Thanks. And happy knitting the second time around.

The sweater looks lovely - we loved Madagascar 2 - I think it was better than the first one...

Beautiful work!

Oops. Damn. Etc.

I got my wet-blocking sweater to dry pretty quickly by turning a desktop fan on and pointing it at the blocking board. Only I'd suggest doing it in a room you're not using presently as the fan is rather unseasonable for humans ;)

It looks great.

oohhh.....it looks good! And it'll always mean more to you since you had to refrog. And you've made me feel better about myself in the process too!! ;)

We're off to Madagascar 2 this afternoon.

Well damn. Now I want one.

Urgh! It is totally worth it though, right? Your sweater is lovely.

I love that sweater - I saw it once on Ravelry and then promptly forgot exactly where and what it was called. Thank you so much for the reminder - I'm off to add it to fav it right now!

I've totally done that. Oh well, moving on.

Quite interested to see this sweater on you. Especially the neck.

Great Cashmere Goat, I love that sweater. What kind of ease did you put in?

That is a beautiful sweater! Worth the do-overs, for sure.
Blogless mary lou

It looks great! The do-overs were worth it, even if it would have been nice to pick the correct one from the beginning!

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