Cozumel: The best day of our trip
Angora Milestone

A funny thing happened in Cozumel airport...

As planned, I brought my Whisper Cardigan knitting to Cozumel.  I knit some of it on the plane, and while it was in my beach bag all week, I didn't knit a stitch.  I'm not particularly surprised by this fact, but I did think I would have a minute or two to knit while the kids were asleep or something.  Turns out they went to bed the same time as us, and that's fine too.

I did plan to knit on the plane on the way home.  But that didn't happen.

I had my knitting on my metal Knitpicks interchangeables, in my Tom Bihn pouch when I went through security, just like I did in Toronto airport.  I was also carrying two 1litre open bottles of water, which I was told was no problem.  I thought that was funny since liquids are a big no-n0 in Canada and the US (and most other airports), but I got to keep my water so I didn't complain.

When I was told then needed to look in my bag, that didn't phase me because the knitting is always inspected when I fly.  I take out the pouch and show the friendly security woman the work.  She tells me in broken English that I can't take the needles on the plane.  I tell her I knit on the way down and that I checked and my airline allows knitting needles.  She tells me the rules are different in Mexico.

So I unscrew the points and show them to her.  I tell her they're like pencils and I won't knit, but I'll just put them with my pens in my purse.  She tells me the rules are different in Mexico and I realize my points are't coming home with me.  They cost about 5 bucks, so no biggie.

Craig has other plans.  He takes the points and his passport and boarding pass and goes back to the check in.  I presume he's going to see if he can put them in his suitcase, but I wonder how he's going to manage that since we checked in about 5 minutes ago.  I take the kids and sit (Cozumel airport is very small).  Craig  comes back without my points.  Turns out a fellow passenger (and evil tequila bringing hot tub companion) offered to put them in his bag.  Nice.

We have the flight attendant bring our pal and his wife a beer. 

When we arrive in Toronto, we wait for our bags and our pal Alex hands me my points.  He says in a drug dealer type voice: "Here is your stuff, just don't tell anyone you got them from me."

Smuggled needles.  I love it.


That is fantastic! Too funny.

that's a great story. I lost a pair of size 1 addis on a flight back from Cancun. Watched them throw them in a garbage can.

Even worse? I wasn't allowed knitting on a 9 hour transatlantic flight. I can barely sit through a movie without yarn. Almost lost my mind on that one.

Sounds like you had a great trip. Welcome back to reality.

That's hysterical!!

LOL! Too funny! (But don't they realize we are far more dangerous without our needles?)

I do believe that is a classic!

Lovely story. Airport security is usually under the control of the governemnt, not the airport or the airline. In Australia, federal regs presently prevent knitting needles on any flight out of the country. So you can being 'em in in you hand luggage but you have to put them in your check-in on the way back.

That's fantastic! Funny how they won't let a nice lady knitter on with knitting needles, but a man with random sharp metal pointy sticks is a-ok.

Smuggled knitting needles? What has this world come to?!

No doubt this is the start of your life of crime and no doubt you will be caught and go to the slammer so I would just like to say it has been very nice knowing you and when the movie of the week comes out, I will gladly play the role of the neighbor standing on the street saying: "They were so quiet and nice. This is so totally unexpected, though I did think something was up the way she always using those needle things. Smugglers. You just can't ever tell by looking at someone."

Now THAT is what I call problem-solving.


How insane. I went to Mexico a week before you with DH, and was sorely tempted to bring my whisper along too. It's okay to bring the hand sanitizer my husband routinely puts in his pants pocket, no one ever checks for that, and he flies between countries several times a quarter. If he were a terrorist and had a few comrades on board, we'd all be toast according to the powers-that-be. But no, look out for the woman with kids and knitting needles!

Intellectually I understand that the rules are different everywhere, but it feels like this is one of the things that they might want to standardize just to help improve international travel and get more people in planes.

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Welcome to the world of the "Smugglers"!! Through my doctor I've smuggled medicines into the US until they were approved by the FDA and finally sold here. I've also smuggled candies and fruit. Guess I'm a real criminal and need to have my purse/tote confiscated. Note the sarcasm...knitting is so much safer than illicit drugs or vermin-bearing foods. Guess we're supposed to all be terrorists instead of kind women creating beautiful works of art. Oh well, no one said society was logical.

OMG - you got the dissertation help spam! I kept getting those on my PhD blog and eventually had to set up moderation to stop them. I think their little bots must search for 'phd' in the title and target the results.

I was in Mexico a few weeks before you and had my needles confiscated, too. The scary thing about it was that the creepy security guy also planted a pair of scissors in my bag that I had never seen before! Too bad no one was around to smuggle my two Addi's onto the plane... I love that! The kicker? My mom went through security behind me with her knitting and it was fine. She was also physically searched before we got on the plane and her knitting got through again. Guess we'll know for next time, huh?

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I know many funny moments in airport.

I'm back from the wilds of Ontario and feeling mighty rested. As you may have noticed from my last post, I was really looking forward to my summer vacation.

We spent 3 days in Tweed visiting my father-in-law at his cottage. The weather was great, the lake perfect for swimming and I got in a couple of good runs on the trail. Grandpa bought a tube for his (not very fast) boat and the kids had a blast booting around the lake.

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Friday and Saturday were the culmination of a big project I ended up coordinating--our office move. I left a crappy, temporary, windowless cell and moved to a lovely bright, newly furnished (with a fab new Aeron chair too) space with a window. I'm also in the same office with my colleagues, instead of in another room. It's nice (even if these photos aren't so good at showing that).

But getting there was very tiring. The coordination of everything, the dealing with a cumbersome bureaucracy that comes from being in a large organization, those "little things" that your co-workers do that make you a bit crazy, being there on Saturday for the whole day to ensure the move goes properly and the movers don't break anything; even redoing your big boss' floor plan when you realize the designer was smoking something when they laid out the furniture. It was stressful.

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