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When Spring Weather Arrives I *Might* Be Ready


I'm so tired. 

Friday and Saturday were the culmination of a big project I ended up coordinating--our office move.  I left a crappy, temporary, windowless cell and moved to a lovely bright, newly furnished (with a fab new Aeron chair too) space with a window.  I'm also in the same office with my colleagues, instead of in another room.  It's nice (even if these photos aren't so good at showing that).



But getting there was very tiring.  The coordination of everything, the dealing with a cumbersome bureaucracy that comes from being in a large organization, those "little things" that your co-workers do that make you a bit crazy, being there on Saturday for the whole day to ensure the move goes properly and the movers don't break anything; even redoing your big boss' floor plan when you realize the designer was smoking something when they laid out the furniture.  It was stressful.


Add to it, while you're packing on Friday, having your son fall off the monkey bars and banging his eye on the ladder, requiring meeting your husband at the hospital so he can get the health card and wait for 6 hours in the ER (where you walk over from work to visit instead of going home early when everything is packed).  Xander ends up with 6 stitches right below his eyebrow and you can see why I feel like I'm in a waking coma right now.

Then add in a cockamamie idea to get up today at 6am and do the Wii fit (Because I need to keep my flagging exercise routine going) AND my decision to ride my bike to work today for the first time this spring. 

Then I go to work and help unpack everything, receive the last of the furniture, deal with keys (yet again), log co-workers concerns and complaints and, and, and...

And I'm so dead I could fall asleep right now.  Except I want to watch more of BSG and drink a beer.  If I can make it to the tv by crawling.



Excellent focus: staying with the fitness routine even when life sucks ass. Way to go!

Are you at st. michael's college? That window view looks awfully familiar. Congrats on the move and sticking with the fitness routine :)

Having been through the huge office move you have my sympathies. It is hard to get it all done and stay focused and energized even when you aren't doing the brunt of the work. I can imagine how much more tiring and stressful it is to be the go to person for a project like that.

Here's the solution: fall asleep with a beer in your hand while watching BSG.

See? We CAN have it all!

Hope Zander is OK.

Congrats! Went through the office move / poor floor plan / poor organizational support thing, in October - that particular hell gets to be a distant memory after a while. So sorry to read about Xander's injury - poor little guy. Looks as though you're now out of the monster phys ed building, and I too was trying to guess your new location, from window view and hallway portraits. Good for you, exercising after all that - we need that physical strength & energy to get us through all the rest.
Less time for blog-reading in my life, must say I miss the knitting content - no time for something like Ravelry right now, but all the knitblog stuff seems to be decreasing, and it taught me so much over the years. Another reason I'm not joining is because my computer is work-supplied, and my impression is that Ravelry makes you download some software - no?

How is Zander doing? Bragging about the stitches to his friends by now?

Hope you are settling into the new space.

I hope your little guy is ok.
I need to get back to my exercise program. I fell off the wagon a little bit the past few weeks. My Wii probably isn't very happy with me.

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