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My Wednesday (on a Friday)

DIY Disaster Area (and spinning)

Craig and his Dad got to work on our basement reno.  Their work today makes the actual demolition look like I was tidying the house.


Remember our pretty staircase all finished.  Turns out we did that in the wrong order. 


Thankfully I was at work. 

The only labour I can show you is pretty yarn:


Shocking orange merino sliver two ply.  About 12wpi.  Soft and pretty (but brighter than I thought).  I'm going to make a baby hat with it--I want to knit some of my own yarn and see how that goes.

I'm also thinking about joining the Grafton Colorways Club.  Anyone a member?  So many pretty colours; hard to resist.


Mel's a member of the Grafton club...she likes to taunt me with the batts.

I had a demolition weekend too - we pulled down the garage! Once the new garage is built, we tackle the bathroom, which needs it, but we only have one. Hope you it continues to go well!

Lovely orange. Sorry about the stairs.

Your handspun is looking better and better - must be the practice. I'm watching this reno closely for tips - planning to try the toilet and sink in our dining room bathroom this weekend.

It is true, I got a membership when it started.

I deeply love the batts I get and um...haven't spun any up yet as they are just so pretty that on crummy days I like to just sit an look at them till the world is right. What makes this club really cool (yes it is possible for it to get cooler!) is with each batt you get a project card with instructions on how to spin up the batt to create effects with the colours.

I just love watching construction/demolition as it happens, so thanks for the pics -

and your handspun looks fabulous! Is it practice, or are you taking classes? I have such a hard time making myself sit and practice, but you are inspiring me...

Your handspun is beautiful and the colour is great...just wondering if you have enough for a child-size hat - the colour doesn't look too 'baby-like' to me. Just my 2 cents!

Your spinning is really coming along. Have you made a final decision on what wheel to get?

Good Luck with the Reno...and maybe baby Pumpkin hat.

Good grief, I HATE DIY projects!!! They always look so damn easy when Carter is hefting the drill or nail gun, but in reality, UGH!!!! I have been thinking about remodeling our master bedroom bathroom this summer, but I am barely over last year's MANY plumbing problems. I still wake up screaming. What nightmares. Good luck! Too bad about those lovely stairs, though. Hopefully you will be able to rescue the railings without too much extra work.

That's a wonderful yarn! I might have missed it, but are you still testing out wheels or have you picked one yet?

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I didn't even know about the Colourways club. But I've spun with Grafton fibres batts before and loved them. I'm very very tempted....

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Great work guys!

Remodeling seems an endless process in our home and I'm sure in homes throughout the world!

What I find most frustrating as a DIY'r are the lack of photos and detailed descriptions of various projects we take on throughout our homes.

It's great to see a website with accurate descriptions of how to install a water heater, yet being a man, and one who doesn't like reading rediculous directions it seems I do better getting a visual picture. You guys accomplished this on your website!

My remodel this month, the bathroom! I just spent 3 hours removing a cast iron tub! Now comes the insulation and vapor barrier.

Again, thanks for the great photos!


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