DIY Disaster Area (and spinning)

My Wednesday (on a Friday)

The basement/bathroom reno continues.  I'm saving that for another post because there are lots of pictures.  And some of it has been rough, so I need some time to step back (really it's all going smooth, just slow and it causes the rest of life to go on hold).

Wednesday; that was a good day.


I got a package.


Yep.  I bought a wheel.


Many of my lovely, long-enabling friends are taking quite a bit of delight in my rapid decline into the pillowy woolen depths of spinning.  I have been avoiding it for about 5 years.  Partly because life was busy, and I was content with developing my knitting, but also because I knew I would like it.


And I'm okay with that.  I'm in a spinny, yarn-making happy place and this is good.


About the wheel.  After trying several wheels (Ladybug, Sonata, Traveler, Joy, Victoria, Lendrum (ST & DT) I decided on the Majacraft Little Gem.  It just felt right when I sat at it.  I made pretty yarn with it.  I liked how it looked (something I think is important--this is one of my tools and it's not something that will spend a lot of time in a cabinet, so I need to like it).  I liked that it had slider on the flyer instead of hooks and really big bobbins.  I like the portability (it was one of my main criteria).  I like that all Majacraft accessories fit on all wheels in case when I decide I want another wheel.


Majacraft also has a good reputation.  I had heard there were some issues with the rimu wood splitting due to the temperature extremes in the Canadian climate.  I wrote an email to the Poad's (the family that makes the wheels) and received a prompt reply detailing good wheel maintenance and also informing me that they now use bamboo on the drive wheel. 

Lisa Souza was also great.  She brokered the deal and all the details and my wheel was with me in just over two weeks from New Zealand.  I also bought some very pretty fibre from her--I can't wait until it gets here.



(And a really messy house).

The only sad part of the story is that I've spun on it for less than an hour.  Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to do more. 

I'll make time--even if I lose sleep to do it.


Yaaaaay! Also, hello, dress twin! It looks much lighter/brighter in the photos than in reality, I think.

Love the marcelles on the floor. I am in the process of collecting them. I had been pondering getting a Little Gem II for the last few days and your pics have pushed me over the edge. The flyer height is not as low as I expected. Enjoy!

That is a totally adorable wheel! And you look way happy. :) Congrats!!!!

Welcome to the Little Gem family - I know you'll love it. As an fyi you can get smaller and larger whorls for bigger or littler yarn too! Just sayin' is all....drop me a note if you want more info on them.

Congrats on the new wheel. I know exactly what you mean, I keep telling people that I don't want a wheel, I like spinning on a spindle just fine. But honestly, I'm afraid I'll spend TOO much time spinning if I had one.

Looks great!! Welcome to the dark side.

I heart Lisa Souza. I'm just about to order some more yarn from her. I'm glad she's moved into a wider kind of enabling. And I see you're being spamming by the PhD dissertation people. I've banned them. Bastards! How do they get through the captcha?

enjoy the wheel... it's fabulous.

YAY! I love the way those wheels treadle -- so smooth! And I LOVE Lisa Souza fiber -- it's gorgeous!

Congratulations! Lisa Souza's fiber was some of the first I ever spun. An auspicious start for the new wheel. Yay!

I'm jealous! It is a good looker. Have fun with that thing.

Welcome to the dark side! What a cute wheel!

Ooh, I love it! Someday I will by myself a new wheel, and I will definitely have to give one of those a spin (ha, sorry) :)

Congratulations! Yeah, I suspect you'll stay up quite late to fit in some spinning time, I know I do!

I've got a Rose and I've been thinking about a Little Gem to supplement for a travel wheel, since all the accessories are the same. I also have a Lendrum, which I love. And the Ladybug is a nice, smooth machine, but it's drawback to me is that it has hooks instead of a sliding yarn guide.

Enjoy your wheel!

love love love the bamboo :-)

The bamboo looks great, and I love your big happy smile! I wish you and your Gem many happy hours together.

You look so happy!! I can't wait to see the first fibre spun on the new wheel. Enjoy and know that I'm deeply envious.

Félicitations Stéphanie!! Yes!!!!! What a sweet, sweet wheel. My friend Lisa has one and I won't touch it because a) I have a Lendrum, and b) if I touch it, I'm toast (and I can't have two wheels in the house).
Have you named her?

I posted before reading Maggie's comment...The woman has WHEELS! (I still can't have a second no I can't...)

Congratulations and Happy Spinning!

Kudos on your new wheel!! She's a beaut.

You look absolutely lovely Steph!

Ah yes, renos. Still a sore spot with me. I must say yours are coming along nicely. Arrrrhhhhhh.....:^)

It looks nice. I hope you get more time to use it soon.

Veyr nice about custom and details....great job.

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