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That's the sound of my last week going by.  I worked late almost every night, had lots of after hours commitments and was thankful I had a long holiday weekend to make it all feel like a distant memory.

I celebrated by starting a new project.  I loved Steph's Shawl That Jazz and dove into the stash to find something suitable (I wish to note publicly that I did not cave and buy the super pretty Puck's Mischief Twisted yarn; I am currently knitting from stash so I can buy fibre to spin).  Out came 1200 lovely yards of Briar Rose Grandma's Blessing.  It was a bitch to wind (because I'm so stubborn I wouldn't cut the yarn and make two skeins), but it's beautiful to knit and is emerging into a pretty shawl.


I bet many of you are cringing at the idea of knitting a garter stitch shawl.  I love it.  Endless rows of mindless knitting.  I can do it in the car on the way to the cottage.  I can knit and talk with family and friends.  I can knit while almost napping (I tell you it was perfectly a lazy weekend) and today, I can bring it to the first of many many soccer practices. 

This photo was taken on Saturday morning.  I'm a good 10 inches in now, maybe more.  The construction (all short rows) now render it an unphotographable mass.  A pretty mass all the same.  Tonight it's me, Battlestar Galactica Season 2 and this shawl.  Hopefully all this mindless diversion doesn't make my brain leak out my ears.


Garter stitch makes for great stress/TV/pain knitting...no thinking...just doing...it's awesome! :)

Beautiful yarn! I need more Briar Rose...

And it's perfect knitting for long phone calls too, even though I wanted to be knitting on lace (which isn't good for phone calls). Yours is going to be very pretty, and I like how your needles almost match the yarn!

I never cringe at garter stitch. Love it and I have plenty of mohair/wool handpaint from Dancing Leaf Farms that has been wanting to speak to me. I picked this shawl too!

Garter stitch and multi-coloured yarn work well together. Sounds like a good plan.

There is nothing like some good mindless knitting to relax the mind and revive the soul. Garter stitch or, if your mind is even barely awake, stockinette. Go, you!

garter is good for the soul.

Garter stitch soothes the mind. I think I will need to find yarn to cast on for this shawl too. Sometimes you can't do anything more than garter stitch.

Au contraire - as others have noted, garter stitch is soothing and meditative - I think it prevents our brains from leaking out our ears. Your brain gets plenty of exercise, I think - glad you're treating it to stitch massage. Lovely yarn, too.

I'm going to cast on for one of these soon myself -- bought the yarn and everything (I went with Twisted, but GB's will be gorgeous -- just finished a sweater in that yarn, and loved knitting every minute of it). Garter stitch is so good for reading while knitting, or car knitting, or... I've come to appreciate it more and more lately.

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