Hiding in the basement

Floor and stairs

The reno, it continues.  Right now work has stopped while Craig works on a paying contract so I'll get you up to speed.

I left off with this:

Hole in my floor

Which necessitated the purchasing and carrying downstairs of this:

600kg of concrete

That's what 600kg of concrete looks like. Poor guy; he was tired that night. Some of it went into making the edges of floor straighter and to define the space that is the bathroom. The plan is to have the tiled floor be at the same level as the rest of the basement concrete to save precious head room--our ceilings sit at about six and a half feet (gotta love 100 year old houses).

Big hole in my floor

While the edge areas were drying some of the walls were framed and the drain plumbing was laid:

5X6' bathroom area

Then it was all covered with more concrete:

Pouring concrete

And you get the next level of floor:


There is another layer that needs to go on to level the floor so everything goes into that drain in the middle and you can see the sink drain at the top right of the photo. The floor is going to happen next week as they had other stuff to do.

Like the stairs.

First a wall was built where we wanted the new opening to be.  This is more structurally sound than having a header tied into the floor joists and makes the stairs feel less like a ladder.


Then they started cutting the wider opening (I'm so glad I wasn't there to see any of it).

 Stair opening cut away

That was where this used to be.


The overhanging floor still needs to be cut away, but it gives you a sense of what was cut out to make a wider opening. Then the old stairs were removed:

IMG_3002 IMG_3005

And just like one of those HGTV shows, new stairs emerge:

New stairs


They're sturdy, straight, 4 inches wider, less steep (the old pitch was 46 degrees and the new pitch is 40ish degrees--you can see the divet in the concrete where the old stairs ended) and each tread is 10 inches wide instead of 8 inches. They feel completely different!  And they look pretty nice too:


I will paint the brick wall and stairs the same colour as the wall above so they blend with the decor. They're made of spruce lumber and I'm not doing anything too fancy because our basement is a basement.  And I've done one stair project already this year!


Wow. That is pretty high level reno work. I'm impressed.

You will be sooooo glad those stairs are less steep and have deeper treads when you get older. I speak from experience.

Wow. I'm totally impressed. I'd have been in tears about the time I got the concrete jackhammered out and realized how much I still had to do. It's looking fantastic!

Holy mole, that is some serious work. Does your family have any interest in renovating a little house in St Louis?

I think we might have some of your head room over here. Our place is 110 years old and has 14 foot ceilings. Pretty but oh so very hard to keep warm!

I don't know if I've gotten too old to learn spinning. Can someone help me?

The installation is so complicated.

Looks like it's kinda hard installing floors huh? And it will take time and effort before putting up such cool floors. We're planning to change our floors and I think it's nice if I buy them at Indianapolis hardwood flooring stores, which has tons of floors to choose from like hardwood, vinyl and tile (Indianapolis) as well.

We are also currently renovating our home, and there are also stuff and furnishings that we've replaced in order for us to achieve the look that we want. We removed our carpeted floors and let our hardwood floors make a statement. We've also replaced our wooden stairs with spiral staircase, for it to become more modern.

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