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I have 10 balls of Calmer in a beautiful pool blue in my stash.  I want to knit a summer weather cardigan with it and can't make up my mind about the pattern.  I have been trolling Ravelry for a while now and need you to chime in.  I know Calmer is pricey (this colour was discontinued, so a good deal) but enough of treating this like it's gold.  It's only good yarn if I knit with it!


I'm considering things with a gauge between 22 and 19 sts over 10 cm.  I'm worried the 19 sts will be too loose, but for now I'm considering it.


Ariann by Bonne Marie Burns.  Pretty, a little lacy, raglan sleeves, dressy enough for work.  Tested design (321 projects in Ravelry).


Sandrine.  Another great Bonne Marie pattern.  I really like this one.  But more as a pullover because I don't want to have to button it all the time.  The style is very flattering for me.  But I really wanted a cardi.  Hmm.  I also don't do short sleeves very much without something on top (like a cardi) so this might also go into the "for another yarn" pile.  I *will* make this though.


Loll.  The advantage of this one is that it was made for Calmer.  I rather like the little fringey bits though it looks like they'll be a bitch to knit.


Diminishing Rib.  This was the pattern that made me dig out the Calmer in the first place.  But I have to say, I'm not so hot on it as I look at the finished versions on Ravelry. I would change the neckline and possibly the sleeves which seem to bell our more than in the photo.  I want it to work, but just don't think it will.

Maybe Laura will finish this one.  That's a nice sweater too.  It has very flattering shaping.

Let me know which sweater is Calmer worthy.  But don't suggest a February Lady.  I love it, but it looks terrible on me.


I am thinking of doing the February Lady, what's wrong with it ? I think Laura's cardi looks amazing though!

I am thinking of doing the February Lady, what's wrong with it ? I think Laura's cardi looks amazing though!

My preference is Ariann, but for that colour, I think it suits Diminishing Rib better.

I say the Laura cadigan! Tell her to finish it asap - I love it and want to make it SOON!!!! :)

How about Cece by Bonne Marie Burns? That's what I am going to make with my Calmer.

I've had my eye on Sandrine (in short sleeves) for a while and I think Calmer would be perfect for it.

When I checked the finished objects on ravelry, I thought Sandrine was the most flattering on the majority of the knitters. I know there are many criteria to take into account (skill, yarn choice, photo skills) but I just think Sandrine looks very flattering. Good luck!

I voted for Ariann because I think it looks like a great summer cardigan, and the calmer would keep the stitch detail nice and crisp. Ultimately, if it were me, I would probably make my decision purely on which pattern would use up the largest amount of the yarn. I hate having leftovers!

Goofy pic of me here: wearing the Bella cardie in Calmer. It's worn GREAT over the years, and I wear it lots every summer. Can't find any flattering pics of the cardie, not even on Ravelry, but I love it. Promise.

I voted for the slip stitch cardigan, but I also think the Ariann would look nice.

I'm having the same trouble as we "speak." I have 9 balls of Calmer and I'd love to make the Apricot Cardigan from Rebecca, but it's 16 spi which I need to admit isn't going to work out. I love Sandrine too!

Ah... February Lady - a lot of people have done this and it looks great on a baby... but seriously if you have boobs - meaning anything that stick out just a bit, it looks awful. I actually convinced someone not to do it - she was top-heavy herself - and when you look it up on Ravelry, you'll see what I mean. That's too bad, because, the construction of that sweater is great and the girl who adapted did a good job. But you cannot wear this if - and I am not talking about being heavy chested - a slight bump, will make it look bad. My opinion however...
The most flattering and practical (knowing this is a cotton yarn) sweater has to have those elements: if you have boobs: v-neck, and for cotton - summery yarn - cardigan !!! Shouldn't be too hard to find. All can be easily adapted for a v-neck... or give the impression like the opening of Arianne does. Cheers !

I voted for Diminishing Rib. I think it would be quite easy to scoop the neckline a bit (my problem with it) and also decrease the bells of the sleeves without too much extra figuring. I love the colour of your Calmer!

I gotta tell you . . . there is very little that is truly Calmer-worthy. I bought the Calmer book specifically for Loll, so it gets my vote, but Arianne is a close second (she's more of a Cascade 220 girl, though).

What about the new Norah Gaughan from Summer 2009 Twish Collective? It looks like a great new summer sweater.... I broke down and bought the pattern yesterday! (Not that I was much of a hold out, since it came out yesterday....)

How about the Dollar and a Half Cardigan from IK Spring 07? That's the leading contender for my Calmer right now.

Not a bad problem to have! My first choice was Ariann but I also really like Laura's Slip Stitch Cardigan. I'm waiting for her to release that pattern myself :)

Check out the Golden Vintage Cardigan in red Calmer at Now Norma Knits

Definitely Laura's.

A few people have posted on ravelry that the Loll fringe is/was pita. JSYK.

Laura just posted the pattern. And now that I've seen the back of hers, I think that's a winner. BTW, I'm a long time lurker & I truly enjoy your blog.


Now you just *know* what you have to knit!

I am also a rebel that is not knitting the February Lady's sweater. I don't know the reason since I do like the sweater. Maybe it is because it really is too popular. I would probably run into someone on the street and we would be wearing the same thing! Anyway, I am a rebel for most "popular" knits, for example: I did not knit a clapotis. Any others out there that didn't get on that band wagon? If you would like more options than those you listed, I like the following:
www dot garnstudio dot com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=111&d_id=5&lang=us
www dot garnstudio dot com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=78&d_id=6&lang=us
www dot garnstudio dot com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=34&d_id=18&lang=en
I am jealous that you have such wonderful yarn for a summer cardigan!
Happy Knitting,
Kelly (wvkelly on Ravelry)

How about Ashbury from the new summer Twist collective? If I had the figure for it I would so be knitting that this summer.

I love Loll and Laura's new cardigan and they have a very similar design feel (and I will admit that I voted without having seen the entry for Laura's cardigan). I think that either of those will make a lovely feminine cardigan pattern without too much annoyance.

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