Floor and stairs
Shawl that Jazz

Hiding in the basement

We've been hiding in the basement, making things pretty.

The toilet area went from this:

 Toilet area (underneath of stairs too)

To this:


The shower area has plumbing:

Shower plumbing

And walls (with a nifty niche to store stuff)


And we have a tiled and grouted floor!

Floor with charcoal grout

Now we're working on tiling the walls. Here's a sneak peek.


Craig and I are tiling together and it's not too bad; except when we're near the floor.  I've now got a new saw in my repetoire--wet tile saw.  All I need to learn how to use now is a chainsaw (scary) and then there's nothing I can't cut through.

The *Plan*tm is to have the walls and ceiling (since it's 6'5" we need a fully tiled room) done by this weekend and then we can put in the fixtures and we'll be done!


YOu can practice chainsawing on my willow tree if you like!

The tiles look amazing - I'm in awe of your (and Craig's) home reno skills once again.

Start out with a small chainsaw, maybe an electric one. It will cut your arm off almost as well as a bigger one but it isn't as noisy. Or scary.

I am in awe that you and your husband can work together without threats of divorce :-)

Looks great! Martin did our hall bathroom, but after that we left the basement to the professionals -- kudos to you and Craig for tackling this big a project.

I was in St. Louis for the past few days for WWKIP day and while I was gone hubby took the boxes with the new toilet that have been sitting in the dining room for a year and put it in place so when I came back, there was a new high tech throne for me to sit on.

I wish i had been here to take the photos! good luck on the rest of your project. will the house ever be done?

LOVE the tile. It looks really good!

Looking good!

I love watching reno projects from my fellow knitters. You guys, are really good - tiling is not an easy job.

I am so impressed with your home improvement skills! I have to rely on contractors.

How exciting! It is looking great. Nothing like a home remodel project to make life fun.

Holy shit! I cannot believe that, like, regular human beings that I know are creating a fancy bathroom from scratch. Seriously, you are BLOWING MY MIND.

Growing up, we barely even unclogged our own drains! I still have trouble wrapping my mind around the idea that people do their own household maintenance, much less *build an entire bathroom.* Wow wow wow. Incredible.

Also: fabulous tile.

Isn't it amazing what you can do yourself with a little practical knowledge and the right tools! Can't wait to see the FO shots!

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