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95% done!

The bathroom is done.  And it's awesome.  I love the glass tiles (especially the storage niche) and the whole completely tiled room thing is fantastic.  No shower curtain, easy to clean, fresh and white but a little retro.  We love it.

360 degree video:

Like many DIY'ers we tend to feel a project is done, even when it's not.  That's because even though I'm declaring the bathroom done, there's still 5% yet to do.  The door needs to be trimmed and painted, the door knob needs to be put on, we need to find and install a mirror and there's nothing to hang the towels on.  But you can use it for all the relevant ablutions and there's no more giant mess with tools everywhere.


No one ask me how long the other 5% takes.  At least a week.  Probably a lot more.  Not a week (or more) of hard labour, just a seemingly endless bunch of little things to make it 100% complete.




What's up next you might be wondering?

Well, we still need to finish the walls around the stairs, get a railing made (anyone know a good place to get an iron railing made in Toronto?) and paint.  We also plan to build a big storage closet sharing the same wall as the bathroom.  Then of course, the upstairs bathroom is waiting for us and our backyard looks like a lumber yard/junk pile full of weeds and dirt and it needs a back fence.

La la I'm going to ignore that and enjoy my new bathroom.


Congratulations! It looks great.

Beautiful. What tile did you use on the floor of the shower?

Looks fantastic! I so want an all-tiled bathroom!

You BUILT A ROOM. That absolutely blows my mind.

There's a guy who lives on my street with a metal-railing business (his truck has the contact info)---I'll get the number next time I pass it.

I've got a few friends in the metal arts, want me to ask around and see if anyone does railings? Are you looking for something very basic, or kind of funky?

Oh yeah I almost forgot: that bathroom looks AWESOME!

Very nice - looooove the glass tiles !

Very nice! Cool, clean, comfortable. Good for you!

Very nice. I was spoiled with one of my first apartments with the full tiled bathroom. I never had to worry about taking a hot shower and wondering about the walls.

No clue about the railings. My hubby and I are still working to add a banister to our basement stairs.

It looks amazing! I particularly love the floor. :) Congrats!

Gaaa, drool, I am so jealous! Great job!!

My grandfather says no house is ever more than 90% complete and it's a struggle to keep it at that level.

It looks great! We have a lot of 95% finished projects in our house ... hoping to get a lot of 5%'s done by the end of the year.

What a lovely job you did. The niche looks to be more than adequately sized - an excellent idea!

wowsa! excellent job!!!!!!!!

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