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We're at it again...

bathroom demo 1

Yep, this the second floor bathroom.  Well, it was the second floor bathroom.


We have the whole thing ripped back to the rafters and studs.  Even the floor.  We weren't going to change the floor, but a few tiles were cracked and we wanted to get a good look at the pipes and even though it was more demolishing, it felt easier.


There were two subfloors, and we're still working on the original one.  But no real surprises except that our ceilings appear to be completely uninsulated.  We can see into the attached neighbour's insulated ceiling.


We're taking it a bit slow this week because I'm on holiday and it's freakin' hot out (it's good that it's hot since it's been a cool summer, but is hard to work in).

We've framed in a spot behind the toilet that will hold two large cabinets, and moved the heating register down from over the toilet (it would blow your hair while you were on the toilet) to almost at floor level.


We've also bought most of the fixtures and they are strewn about the house.  That's my living room with lumber, drywall, cement board and a bathtub in it.


Fun times...


You are a brave, brave woman.

After having seen my bathroom ripped apart for two weeks during our remodeling I have a whole new appreciation for this! Best of luck to you.

They say to really learn something do it twice; once to learn, again to reinforce. I guess that's what you're doing all right. But you'll know exactly what's where and never be afraid of home construction projects ever again. Brava!

It is not an ordinary bath, but a bain tourbillon, imagine the good times later on! Good luck with everything though, home improvement is a bitch!

It's so disruptive, isn't it? I bet it'll be worth it in the end, though!

When you're done with that can you and Craig come and do my bathroom? That would be awesome.

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