First Fall Must-Have-Knit
Fifteen years (is that wool?)

Wounded in the process of world domination*

Monday was not a good day.

I slipped and fell down some stairs at work.  I'm not sure how many.  What I do know is that I saw the toes of my pink daisy wellies and landed right on my ass on one of the stairs.  It was a slipped on a banana peel movie fall.  I landed hard enough that I didn't get up and had to yell for help.

Not the nicest way to meet people in the building.  Though I thank them for calling campus police and making sure I was okay.  

Luckily Craig had just dropped me off, so I called him and he took me to the ER.  Nothing broken.  Lots of bruises.  I feel sore and bleh.

But my bruises may inspire a new colourway* from Kim.  My bruised ass should be good for something.  Sigh.



I pulled a fall exactly like that... I know how you're hurting. Ice, scotch, Advil ... and chocolate will help.

Really, you didn't need to go to such extremes! We prefer you in one piece.

By the way, there will be no pink in the colourway...just saying...

Ouch! Sorry to hear that, but glad you didn't break anything, it sounds as though you could have. Get better soon!

You know, that's not the best way to get out of working on a Monday! Glad to know you're still in one piece.

Ack! Just reading about it sends shivers up my spine! Apparently the universe wants you to slow down a bit. Take heed and take care.

Oh my gosh, that must have hurt something fierce! As for the rest of your week, should be uphill from there, right??

Ouch! Feel better soon!

I've only had one fall like that, and I had one foot that was purple from front to back. Nothing else injured but my pride.

Good thing you didn't have a concealed bomb like this guy:

Oh no! Poor you -- I feel down stairs earlier this year and literally "busted my a**" *fractured my sacrum). Here's hoping you're all fine & your pretty bruises heal up quickly!!

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