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We're in the good part of the bathroom reno!  Stuff is going back on instead of coming out.  We have electricity, plumbing, a bathtub with a working drain! 


We've also squared off the ceiling, installed a properly vented fan (that involved a big ladder and drilling a hole into our house--wacky) and have managed to shim the walls to be square. 

I will just say Craig is awesome.  I help, but am not the brains or brawn of this job. 


Now we're insulating (our ceiling wasn't insulated before) and drywall is soon to be installed. 


I'm hoping this long weekend we'll do a big push and maybe start tiling around the tub.  We're all getting tired of the disruption and want to see it finished.


Crap, I look fat.

You guys are unbelievable. I can barely caulk my own bathtub.

I am amazed. After our bathroom renovation this summer I can't imagine doing another one so soon. Way to go!

Good for you guys - it's at this point that all the mess and hard work finally seems worth it eh? Until you start your next project that is.......

It's shaping up nicely! At times like this, I can understand why you'd want to get a lot of progress done. It is, after all, a bathroom. It's kinda tough to not be able to use that area for a while.

Your bathroom is looking good. What's amazing is that you guys did this reno all by yourselves. It's not everyday people caulk bathtubs or fix an entire plumbing system. So, how did everything turn out?

You look so tired on the second picture, or were you just thinking about how to do the job quicker? I salute you for doing all the work on your own. It's really fulfilling if you managed to finish it as soon as possible, but of course, you have to do it with quality as well. Can you post some photos of your new bathroom pictures here? I would really appreciate it, if you do. :)

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