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Bathroom Progress

We're putting on the big push to get the bathroom done.

This week I painted:


 Then we started tiling the floor.  This is the dry fit--just seeing how it would look--nice eh?  


Craig was all kinds of awesomeness today--he tiled the floor while I was out.  We just have a spot near the toilet to do tomorrow and then grouting.  

The tiled area around the tub is still not finished, but we can at least start using the toilet really soon.  Since we're been going down to the basement, this is big news.

We had only one little glitch this weekend.  I'm starting to learn that DIY home reno in an old house EQUALS a ton of "little glitches".  We had to make a hole in the ceiling to access the toilet drain. 

We still have things in the basement to patch, so one more hole isn't all that bad.  But it's still a bit crazy making.


Look at the gut on that guy.

Love the moody man pic, oh #womanwhohasnearlygotallshitdone. :)

"We had to make a hole in the ceiling to access the toilet drain." I'm still trying to work this out in my head.

Good luck with the reno--it looks great!

Your bathroom is coming along nicely. I love the tile flooring - way more ambitious than our remodel!

a nearly remodeled bathroom AND Bohus is done... what a Christmas you'll have!

love the 3rd pic, classic ). Good reno tho

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