Sweater in a month?
One Teen

First FO of 2010!

So it took a little longer than a month.  It was worth the wait.  Anhinga is done.



And I love it.

I was a bit worried that it wasn't going to suit me.  It does have that "is this maternity wear?" part in the front. But I don't feel like that how it looks on me (besides I was ginormous when pregnant).  The fit in the shoulders is perfect and the 42" has just the right amount of ease.


 I used Sublime Aran--wool, silk, cashmere and the yarn is squooshy and very nice.  I would use it again--and will, the leftovers are being commissioned into a chullo for Emma.  I used 13 balls rather than the 15 called for (Sublime seems to be a perfect sub for the Berocco merino).



Here's hoping all my knits of 2010 work out this way.


That looks great. Not at all maternity wear though I could see where you'd be worried about it.

And I love how it looks on you. The model was pretty skinny no hips which made me think "ideal for Freya" but now I'm thinking it's just a good sweater

Anhinga is one of my favorites and *one day* I will knit one! Yours looks great; I love the color.

Ok, you;ve convinced me. Been dubious about Ahinga, but that looks great.

You are officially my hero-I am struggling through a shawl that I started so long ago I am embarrased to admit it. Great color on you-

That is a sweet looking sweater. Nice job!!

It looks beautiful on you - love the colour too!

I've had doubts about this pattern, too, but yours looks perfect on you! Well done.

That turned out lovely!

The sweater looks fantastic. I really like the design.


I was looking at this pattern not long ago, and I was thinking that if I knit it I would eliminate the turtleneck part, but It looks great on yours, maybe I'll just go ahead and knit it as written.
Gorgeous color on you, btw.

It's lovely! That purple really suits you.

Your first knit of the new year is a winner!

Very nice, and a good tip about the Sublime as well. Most of the Sublime yarns I've seen have been just a tiny bit cheaper than the Berocco yarns.

So pretty Steph! I love the Sublime stuff.

Beautiful! Congratulations on such a successful project!

It looks great! Congratulations! I hope all your knits of 2010 are just as successful. :)

It's uber cute! And the color is wonderful!

The colour is so great on you!! Happy 2010!

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