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In case you were wondering about the bathroom...

We're still working on it.

It's 90% done.  We're showering and I've had a bath.  (I'm not giving you the good pictures until the big reveal!)



I have very nice storage cabinets that hold tonnes of stuff (and I got rid of lots in the process of storing and moving it all--extra bonus)



 We have a sink to brush our teeth in, but no mirror. The floor and toilet are in (and that brought much rejoicing).  


 The walls are even painted and there are lights.


But man, those last little bits that make it all look finished are killing us.

Today windows and trim are being painted.  


And the door is being modified.  The room got a bit smaller (which is good for the structural integrity of the room and had to be done) which meant the door didn't fit in the opening.  It was something we didn't foresee at the beginning or we would have ripped out the frame then.  So now, the frame is ripped out, the door is narrower and we're putting the pieces together again.


Minor setback.

The vanity and sink are in.  They are pretty.  And almost perfect.  By almost I mean that the standard marble counter I ordered is not big enough because the stupid-sales-person who ordered this for us at the Home Depot failed to mention that the rather expensive solid maple decorative but not required side pieces added 1 3/4 inches to the 36" cabinet.  So the cabinet is now 37 3/4 inches with a 37 inch counter.  

Right now we're living with it (we positioned the counter to make it work) and not using the side piece that you could only see when you're in the tub.  I'm leaving that battle for another day.  Which means we'll put the one side piece in the basement, hang a towel bar on that side and never speak of it again.

And since it was all special ordered and arrived in June, we're eating this one.  But that whole "You can do it, We can help" thing at Home Depot feels like some serious bullshit.  No way I'd order my kitchen cupboards there after this.  But that's the 2012 reno...

I feel like we're *this* close to finishing but that *this* is going to take forever.  It's just a "two steps back" kind of day today, but we are in the home stretch.  Back to paint the window frame.


Steph, your new bathroom is even more beautiful than the one in the basement! I really love your subway tiles, blue (glass tiles?) accents, and the translucent wall cabinet doors. Those doors look very Scandinavian and modern ~ lovely lines. I WANT THEM!!!

I envy you and your husband's stamina to get through two of these renos. Good luck later this year with the kitchen.

Blame Nardelli about Home Depot's downfall. Blame him about Chrysler's too. His incompetence and ego destroyed Home Depot years ago. Here in the states, almost all of the ready made cabinets that do-it-yourselfers or contractors doing a quick, small reno always relied on have completely disappeared from the shelves. Nearly everything is special order, and just try finding a competent "salesperson" to help you order a storm door that is the right size. Nearly impossible.

It looks awesome Steph. It is amazing though how there always seems to be "one more thing" when renovating.

Looking good! Home repair is so one of those "it *should* be easy" things. Best of luck in the home stretch : )

Looks great. I love the fresh pale green colour with the white and the touches of blue. Well done.

Steph, I can't wait for the big reveal. It is looking really good. I like how modern and fresh it looks and you've thought out the storage problem well.

VERY nice. I like all your touches - tiles, lights, in-wall storage. Looking good.

You are doing an amazing job. I wish I was even half as handy (I'm more in the call a professional camp for everything except for painting).

Amazing job and nice tutorial to me. Thanks!

This is a properly handled DIY project. Congrats!

Quite looks beautiful good out at the initial stage specially I like the Cupboard and many others things.Hope you soon completed your entire bathroom renovation..

Ugh, a setback like that is no fun at all. Still, there's no point in fretting about it. Like you said, you're on the home stretch, and a bit of patience will soon lead you to that wonderful bathroom you've always wanted.

A bit of patience and there would be nothing to worry about. It seems like you stuck to your plan, so all that's left is the finishing touches, so to speak. The bathroom has taken shape and it's now much easier to visualize what it would look like when it's done, and so far everything look swell.

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