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Sweater in a month?

I was *this* close to having a sweater completed in a month.  Started on December 6th, finished January 6th, but I don't think it's going to happen.

It's a bit of a silly goal, since knitting isn't about producing things in record time, but I hit a nice patch of knitting monogamy and was whipping through Anhinga so quickly I wanted to get. it. done.  Of course, I did meander into spinning over my holiday and did other stuff like skating on the lake at the cottage, so it wasn't like I was completely focussed on this sweater.

IMG_3647 IMG_3663

Sunday I started feeling like I was coming down with something but I worked through the tummy troubles and whipped off the last sleeve.  Yesterday, undaunted by more troubles and lack of sleep from the troubles of the night before, I started on the seaming and picked up the neckline.  Twice (for both things).

Here's the rub about knitting deadlines; you start cutting corners to get. it. done.  Today when I'm home from work (or very soon if I don't start feeling better) I'm going to take a critical eye to this sweater and do it right.  That might mean a bit of re-seaming--some of the seams are meant to be seen so they're a bit tricky, or picking up the neck for a 3rd time, but in the end I'll have a sweater that's nice looking and not just something I threw together.


Yeah. I have a tough time letting go of internal deadlines too, even after they become unrealistic for whatever reason.

Looks like the ice skating was tons of fun, though! I haven't done that in years. :)

As long as you have other sweaters to wear the new one can wait 1 or 2 or 3 days. Don`t hurry.


Finishing for me is always the hardest. Because I don't feel like I'm good at it, I rush through even though I should be doing the opposite. It's something to work on for the new year.

Lovely pictures of the lake.

The Devil really can be in the rushing can't it?

I so get that. Usually when I set deadlines like that - I'm this close but I realize I won't make it, and I put the sweater aside for 8-10-bizillion months. So it's really kinda pointless :)

*awesome* photos of the frozen lake though - it's so clear!

Love the pictures of the lake! Pure Canadiana. We've been skating on our pond, too, but that looks like an Olympic-size space you've got to twirl about in. Verrrry nice.

I try not to finish the same day I complete knitting. I also try not to finish late in the evening. I have to fully concentrate or else I make mistakes - and I'm not good at ignoring them!

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