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I've been doing a bit of spinning this winter.  Not a lot, because winter is full-on-knit-warm-stuff season, but enough to keep the love for putting twist into fibre going.

First up, one of my Grafton Batts.  Frankly, I referred to this as ugly batt the entire time I was working with it.  Not my colours (it's from my Colourways membership).  Too much yellow and too much grey and lavendar tones--just not my thing.  But any fibre is good to practice on, so I worked on my long draw and making a soft lofty 2ply.

Grafton batt

Mission accomplished.  And it does look much nicer spun up.  There's a strip of turquoise in it that will be interesting when it's knit up.  I split the batt in half and tried to maintain the colours, but it wasn't as definitively striped as some others, so that part wasn't completely successful.  I ended up with about 120m of worsted weight yarn.

Ugly Batt

My lastest spinning was with Into The Whirled falklands in the colour Terra.  I bought this at Rhinebeck and I adore this colour.  I have the braid in my Ravatar.  This time I confess I didn't have a plan, except to chain ply so I could maintain the colour runs without the barber pole effect (don't get me wrong, I like that too, but wanted to mix it up a bit).  I'm pretty happy with the finished product (130m, 12wpi), but I overplied in a few places (it got away from me) and it's a bit less lofty that I hoped for.  It'll be good for gloves or something.  The colours are AMAZING.  I will get more--maybe for socks.

Into The Whirled Terra

Both yarns really benefitted from a good hard wash.  I used the instructions in The Intentional Spinner: hot and cold baths, lots of agitation (I wore my rubber gloves) a good thwacking--having a fully tiled bathroom is fantastic for this--and I weighted the yarn while it was drying (I used a pretty heavy weight for the chain ply and most of the kinks came out).  I may run the Terra yarn through the wheel to get rid of some of the twist, or I might not. 


Right now I have some superwash merino Lisa Souza roving in Mardi Gras on the go.  This time I'm attempting to spin my first sock yarn.  I feel the need for speed!  Lots of twist going into this baby.

March 2010 Spinning


You know, the Ugly Yarn is not really that bad. I could totally see it used as a CC in fairisle and actually looking pretty cool. The Terra yarn is AMAZING, I just want to stare at those colours.

I want to eat the Terra colors. That is my palette. Heck, I think I have a pair of socks in those colors!

Your bits of spinning put me to shame! I need to get back to my wheel.

I love your spinning results. And I love the colorway of the Grafton Batt, the ugly one. I actually just bought some yarn in a similar color, called Tumbleweed. This name would also perfectly fit here.

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