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The Bathroom is (finally) done...

We've been using it for weeks, but there have been a few things keeping me from the big reveal.  A few are still unresolved, but I can't wait any longer to show it off (besides it's clean).


 First, the tap drain was broken and leaky and we waited on replacement parts for a while.


 But the underhung sink is fabulous and I love my taps.  


 We're waiting on the backsplash piece (long story), but I finally have a place to put my blowdryer (that's not on my bedroom floor).  Unfortunately the room isn't wide enough for me to get the whole thing in the photo.


Then there was that whole thing with the vanity, that never did get resolved, but is still gorgeous.  Especially with the beautiful pulls from Restoration Hardware.  It was a splurge, but I love the vintage look and they feel heavy and cold instead of like chrome plated plastic.


 The floor is great too eh?  2" unglazed hexes with charcoal coloured grout.  I did that part myself.


 Then there was the mirror.  We still don't like it (we reframed the old one) but will find the right one eventually.  Too bad really, Craig did a great job on the framing.



The best part, of which I have no complaints, is the shower and tub.  I love it.  We used the same tiles as the basement, but used more mosaic tiles--3 rows.  I love it!


The deep tub is fantastic too. We used a "hotel" towelbar which curves out giving the tub a bigger feel.  And it works really well--I hate touching the wet shower curtain.


 The best part?  It's done!  And, we don't have any more bathrooms to do!





That's gorgeous. You two did a wonderful job.

That's amazing & very pretty! Great job!

It's amazing. GREAT JOB! Now, can I interest you helping us with ours...?

Well done, oh womanwhogotshitdone.

Yaaaaay! It looks fantastic! Congrats x a million.


Oh my goodness, it's GORGEOUS!

I love it! I love love love the shower/tub tile layout. It all looks so airy and light and clean. Gorgeous! Now I have bathroom envy.

Yay! It looks awesome. Good for you guys!

Awesome! We just tore our our bathroom and haven't finalized what we're doing with tile, and this gave me great ideas.

Hooray! It looks fabulous. Good move on the charcoal-colored grout in the floor, too. We did white, and it didn't stay that color for long.

It looks totally amazing!!! Well done. :)

Oh, you did an amazing job! It really looks fantastic!

Excellent. You are super handy (I cannot imagine tackling a project like this without professional help and the caulking on the tub concurs).

About. Freaking. Time. ;)

(I's those crazy little details that get you every time.)

Congrats! It's BEAUTIFUL!

Shame you did'nt think to get some new towels, yours look a bit old and may I say a bit grubby !!.The other Twitts are just being NICE and saying what you want to hear ,don't trust them ,they are the women who will tell you "the orange trousers looks great on you" don't trust them. Anix

Boy howdy is that a nice bathroom. Congrats on a job well done.

It really looks very amazing and beautiful. I will really appreciate this post, which is very informative. Good Job.

Simply great post and amazing images of bathroom. It's really great work of interior designing. Thanks for sharing.

I like how your bathroom is like a time capsule from the 40's. That's pretty nifty - very time you step into your bathroom it would be like stepping through a portal in time. Keep it, it looks very homey that way.

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