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About a month ago Laura introduced me to Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day.  When I was doing my Masters, I used to bake bread; it kept me in the house.  Then I got a bread machine and used it a fair bit, but then it died and I had the kids and the PhD and I never really got back in the habit.

This book and the process (it really does take 5 minutes) changed all that.  I always have a tub of dough in the fridge (currently Italian semolina bread--good for naan too) and we're eating homemade yummy breads.

This weekend I had some fun.  I made a challah dough.  Don't tell anyone, but I halved the recipe but forgot to reduce the butter.  It was amazing. 

mmmm bread

I made a braided bread and cinnamon buns.  They were super yummy. 

mmmm bread

That's a chunk of sugary caramelly butter on the top. It all took less than half an hour of my time (there was resting time and baking time, but I don't need to be in the kitchen for that part).


Oh - You're making me hungry! They look so delicious!

Welcome to the cult. : )

OMG, that looks incredible! YUM

I have been thinking about that book, and it is good to see it is as fast as described. I always let things rise in my oven, because it is a safe place to keep rising doughs away from curious cats and dogs.

Share... share the recipes.
I have a bread machine but i never seem to find the right recipe.. i always used the fast recipe setup.. maybe that's why.
You could post an entire blog on this.
I also started (tried ??) to make my own pizza dough. wasn't that bad. with beer yeast.

been meaning to check out the book. Glad to hear that you've been having good experiences with it!

Awesome bread, That looks delicious. yummy

I am sold. The pictures out in blogland have been tempting me for too long. I must order a copy of that book!

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