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Colours. Pretty Colours

I've been getting in a lot more knitting these past few weeks.  I'm playing with some pretty colours.

Surprise thing colours


 (since it's a surprise I can't say more)

Presents for gestating wee ones colours


Socks that Rock Twisted in Carbon for a little baby sweater. 

Heartwarming colours



Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in Forester Moth.  This is beautiful yarn.  Gorgeousness.  I'm using it (and 3 other colours) to make a Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl.  Fair isle, 8 sts to the inch, knitting backwards, I must be crazy.  But I tried on a friend's also made in Bugga (you can see me modeling here) and I fell in love with it. I have almost 300 sts on the needles already and I haven't started the colourwork.  It is a thing of beauty.

Here's the other colours I'm using:

Bugga Heartwarmer

Bronze Moth, Southern Green Stinkbug (I love that name), Forester Moth and Longhorned Beetle.  Mmmmm Bugga.  If I'm going to knit crazy, it might as well be with something soft and beautiful.


HOLY CRAP you've knit a lot of that Bugga shawl! I've seen the tininess of the stitches. That's a freaking lot of knitting.

The colours in the "surprise thing" are amazing!

Wow, those are all SO luscious!

Mmmmmmm....lovely colors is right!!

That is delicious! I love the colors. I don't think I ever considered this shawl, because I've heard unfortunate things about backwards knitting. I'll be waiting for your assessment, because this is a thing of beauty and I probably have enough sock yarns in my stash to make 2.


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