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Happy Feet

I finished Xander's socks on the weekend. 

Xander Socks 2

He loves them and I'm very glad that he loves them.  The IndigodragonflyMCN (merino, cashmere, nylon) was so nice to work with.  The colour, Self Elm0lation was so pretty and that little bit of black FI kept it interesting.  Unfortunately, the stranded part on the first sock is a bit tight and it's a bit harder to get on, but my kid won't let me rip it back so let's hope it stretches out a bit.

Xander Socks 2

This was my first try with a toe up gusset heel and I'm SOLD.  I love it.  Easy to do, elegant in it's construction and no stitches to pick up.  Nice on the foot too (remember, these socks fit me and I expect they will be handed down to me at some point).

Xander Socks 2

I have a happy kid with happy feet.  And sheesh, he looks so grown up at 9 compared to this photo from June 2008 (his feet were smaller too!)

Happy Pirate Kid


those socks are AWESOME! What a lucky kid. I should make myself some. Great yarn, too!

Wicked socks - Im jealous

Beautiful socks. I love a bit of fairisle work on socks (which reminds me that I have a partial sock to rip out, so I can make them correctly to fit over my ankles).

Now that's a smile worthy of knitting socks for!

Very cool.

toe up socks totally rule :) I'm a convert as well.

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