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Not-so-summer knitting

My Crazy week

I really did mean to do more blogging but, I had a lot to do this week.  Besides work there was a ton of kid wrangling:

2 soccer practices

2 dress rehearsals

1 soccer game

1 ball hockey game (we skipped the other one)

1 ball hockey team photo 

1 piano lesson

1 piano recital 


4 performances of Jackman Avenue: The Musical


Emma was the JJ the Jaguar--the school mascot (a lead role and she was AWESOME)


Xander had a few parts, the most impressive was the Zorba dance (we live in Greektown and the play was about the school and the community)


I didn't have to do anything at these events, except juggle the schedule and make sure everyone was fed and got to where they needed to go.  That it was a short week due to Victoria Day and SUPER HOT didn't help.

And did I mention my Mother and Grandmother came on Friday for the weekend to take in the events?

I need a beer and some knitting time (they're leaving in about 15 minutes).

I did manage to get through all the easy parts of the Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl and finish a baby gift (save sewing on the button).  Oh and I finished Nantucket Red but still need to find time to get the hook and eyes.  

I'll tell you all about the knitting next post.  Time for that beer.


I hope you were able to squeeze in a beer and a little knitting time! This was a long weekend for me and there was amazingly little time to knit. I resolve to do better tonight.

I hope you found time for knitting and beer. For a long weekend, I didn't find the time or the energy for knitting (and I'm beer free).

I was a little surprised at the musical logo. Must be all of that Avenue Q I listen to.

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