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Seems my knitting and knitting related obligations and desires are getting away from me...

Time to consolidate (I like lists).  

Knitting and Fibre Pursuit To Do List

Part A: Knitting:

  1. Finish secret thing (I know, a bad way to start, but someone who reads this blog would guess this)
  2. Upload photos to pattern, send to tech editor, Ms Indigodragonfly herself.
  3. Start gift sweater for wee one gestating in a dear friend.
  4. Wind *that* yarn.  You know, that skein of doom.  The one that's a bit tangly and takes for fucking ever to wind and makes you swear like a fucking sailor because the shitty fucking yarn that you love so much is a bitchy assed blankety blank blank blank.  Ya, that one.
  5. Finish seaming Nantucket Red.  I have one seam left, and a redo of part of another.  
  6. Decide if collar on Nantucket Red needs to be redone.  So far the answer is yes, but seaming will allow me to go to that mental spot within which I contemplate a redo.
  7. Get back into Hanami Stole.  Or frog it.  I can't stand projects hanging over me like that.

Part B: Knitting, in preparation for tomorrow:

  1. Count stitches on work in progress.  See if you're getting to the point where you have to think.  If so, consider what other project you can bring tomorrow for that long talk you have to attend.  That's 2 hours of knitting time during work!
  2. Assemble whatever else is required for said 2 hours (stitch markers, measuring tape etc).
  3. Find needles to start Part A, section 3.  That's the Friday reward--starting something new.

Part C: Knit Blogging:

  1. Review 3 books in To Be Reviewed pile.
  2. Start cute beret from Veronik Avery's new book, Knitting 24/7.  Thanks to the publisher and Veronik for including me in their knitalong and trial of the St. Denis yarn.  (PS Veronik, it was great to see you at the Frolic.  Sorry I didn't stay long.
  3. Photograph work in progress from Part B and do a proper post.
  4. Add recently acquired yarns and not-so-recent ones to Ravelry.  Photograph ones without photos.  I like having my stash in it's own virtual yarn store website in my Ravelry profile.  

Part D: Spinning:

  1. Spin.
  2. Spin some more.
  3. Ply parts 1 and 2.

Part E: Time:

  1. Find someone who will learn to build a TARDIS or warp space and time or do whatever it takes for me to get through this list.


See - that's why I don't like lists - they are way too overwhelming to see all must-dos written out in a row like that!

I love lists too.

If you do find a TARDIS maker, do post contacts....there are others of us out here who would also appreciate such a device. I'm sure we could give said manufacturer a good bit of business!

(Now I must go nap....your lists made me tired.)

I like your list.... lists are good.
Tardis however are hard to find. LOL I second the contacts request.

Ooh--I'm a list fan. I particularly like how this one uses parts and numbered items. Very good organization. And a good way to start getting stuff done!

I do like lists.

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