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Knitting 24/7

Veronik Avery's new book is great.  She knows lots of us love to knit, but also have busy lives.  Knitting 24/7 recognizes this tension and is a series of small, easy to do patterns that are easily stopped and started and many of which are portable for knitting at soccer, in a line, on your commute or any time you have an extra five minutes.

Knitting 24-7 cover 


The patterns show off Veronik's classic style and vary in difficulty and object: hats, shawls, mittens, scarves, bags, vests, sweaters and things for the house.  All of them are very pretty; there's lots in this book I want to knit.

Knitting 24-7 socks 


And I have to say, I love this skirt.  The details are so pretty on it.  Wanties.



A variety of yarns are used including Veronik's own St. Denis which I'm using to knit the Cabled Beret from her book.  

Knitting 24 7 beret 


The publisher asked me to be part of a Knitting 24/7 knit along and it'll be fun to have a small project that's not socks and try the St. Denis yarn.


Ooh, looks like lots of great stuff in there!

I love that skirt!!

The architecture in this space is beautiful and the floors are as well, but that is about all that this space has going for it. It looks as if someone moved out and the apartment is waiting for its new tenants to move in and decorate it. It actually is quiet deressing!

Ooh, I love my knitted skirt (though it was too big the last time I tried it on. I need to undo one edge and make the elastic tighter), and the idea of another one sounds terrific!

Add me to the list of skirt fans! I love how the details create long, clean, dressmaker-like lines. If my local library doesn't already have this one on order, I'm going to request it!

This looks like a beautiful book. Would love to join in the KAL when you have it!

I've come to the conclusion that I could get a lot more done if I could knit on the go or find those stolen knitting moments. I will have to check out that book!

I want to make and wear the skirt but my rear will never do it justice.

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