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Not-so-summer knitting

I know a lot of people switch to knitting different things in the summer--tanks, lace, socks--things that are small (so they won't be on your lap) and lightweight and maybe in non-wool fibres.  So far, even though the weather has been warm, I haven't made the switch, but I also haven't finished knitting.

I recently finished this tiny little knit for a special friend:


The yarn is Socks that Rock Twist merino and I used a Debbie Bliss pattern.  I'll warn you the yarn amounts are way way off.  I could have made 2 of these with the yarn stated in the pattern.  And easy and styling sweater for a baby on the way.

I also made some progress on my Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl--something as far away from summer wear as you can get. 



I've started the slow colourwork parts.  I have about 400 sts on the needles and I need to work in two colours and weave the floats so they look nice.  I'm developing my skills knitting backwards for the "purl" rows and well it's taking forever, but in a nice way.  The Bugga yarn is lovely to work with and I love how the patterns emerge; it's all just gonna take a while is all.

And I've started my Soccer Mom knit--something easy to have with me during the myriad of kids' soccer stuff.  I've wanted to knit Tempest for a long while and I now have the perfect confluence of empty easy knitting dance card and the right yarn to work with.



I'm using Indigodragonfly 4ply Organic Merino in Chickadee and Seasky.  It's a departure from my usual colour combinations, and that's a good thing.  I sorta into blues at the moment and this will be a nice sweater for spring and fall and for my extra freezing office (we have a/c issues).  Knitting fingering weight yarn at 5sts to the inch is also nice--it's like lace without all that pattern following!



Usually I transition to summer knits but I don't think it is going to happen this year. I just purchased more sweater yarn and hope to cast on two sweaters this week. If I start them this early then maybe they will be ready in time for this fall/winter :)

I have to take exception to the "like lace" comment. It just doesn't seem that it would go as quickly as lace, but then again, without the pattern following issues, I guess it might just be the same. I like the color combo, it's very serene looking. Need to remember that Bliss pattern, I keep forgetting I want to knit it.

I had a lot of fun knitting Tempest, too--but not so much the sewing up, which I'm terrible at! Love the color combo you chose--it could be casual or dressy!

I've wanted to make Tempest for a while now, but I keep waffling on what yarn to use. I love your color choices (though I'll probably make mine in a more staid color pallette).

Oh m'gosh. I love the button on that adorable little sweater!

Love the baby sweater. I've been eyeing Tempest, too, will follow yours with interest. Envy you your empty knitting dance card - gotta get to some complicated finishing and clean up those UFOs, but tempted to start something simple for World Cup.

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