Tour De Fleece, the first few days

Getting there is all the fun

Today I'm 40!

There was cake (it was yummy)



There was also lazy family time (I'm on holiday), regular routine stuff (kids needed shoes), dinner out (with a couple of pints), a DVD (Matrix, because Emma asked to see it) and some very nice unmentionables from Craig (which I guess I just mentioned).

I've been feeling a bit funny about this decade/landmark birthday.  It's supposed to mean something more than a non-ending-in-zero birthday.  It was one of the reasons why I started exercising last year (and yes, I'm still running, lots actually, and liking it).  I wanted to leave my 30s in as good shape as I started them, though considering I was pregnant with Alexander, I'm not sure how to gauge being a gestator of a giant healthy baby against looking and feeling pretty dang good on my 40th birthday.

Today, I stopped sweating it (only partially because I didn't run).  Getting to today has been all the fun, so why worry about the number?

My motto for 40:

 "No one's the boss of me"

I think I might get a t-shirt made with that on it.


Haaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthdaaaaaay!! Woot-woooot!

I'm a bit late, but nevertheless: Happy Birthday!! That is a lovely photo =)

Happy Birthday, Stephannie!!!!! You look mahvellous...

When I turned 40, I definitely acquired a new mindset - my motto was "who gives a rat's ass?", but yours seems much more politically correct...

Happy Birthday Steph!

Happy Birthday!

Happy 'thirty-ten' Steph!

You look wonderful and happy, and that's all that should count!

Happy Birthday!!

Hope you have/had a great birthday! (A funny aside, I was pregnant on my 40th. Not so much on my 30th. ;-))

Congrats! Best Birthday wishes! I will be turning 41 in a couple of weeks. The 40s have not been bad and I love your motto. I'll have to think about my motto for 41.

Happy birthday! I'm glad you had a great day to celebrate.

Happy birthday, and welcome to "the club". Your 40 motto is greatness.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Steph! I'm turning 41 later in the summer and had a motto of my own when I turned 40: 40 is the new 30!

Happy, happy birthday! I turned 40 last year--it's nowhere near as bad as I expected. I actually like it!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Ten years from now, remember: "Fifty is nifty!" Soon I will need a new motto, though. What rhymes with sixty?

Happy Birthday. I hope to look that good when I hit 40 (not too long now).

40 is a great age. :) Happy belated birthday, Steph!

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