Tour De Fleece, the first few days
Yellow Jersey

I have my own drill...

Uses for your drill
Originally uploaded by Dr. Steph

And I know how to use it.

Turns out it's not only good for making holes and screwing screws, with a 9/32 drill bit, it makes an excellent bobbin winder.

Just be careful taking the bobbins off; I dug a nice gash in my thumb with the drill bit.

What am doing all this for? I'm warping the loom to make two scarves. The yarn is uber-gorgeous Briar Rose Fibres BFL light fingering (or maybe lace) in some of my favourite blue, teal and brown shades. After the Tour de Fleece (which I consider a success; just waiting for the yarn to dry so I can show you), I wanted to dust off the loom and burn through some stash.


I think the best part of that video is the commentary. Fantastic.

I'll have to buy my own drill, my husband would die before letting me use one of the four he owns to wind bobbins.

Winding bobbins, rolling balls of yarn. It's a multipurpose tool (much like the kitchen scales being used to weigh sock yarn).

Ha! I use a modified kitchen mixer to wind bobbins - love the mcgyver thing!

cool... what a great idea :)

I used our drill as a bobbin winder too! Then a friend sold me her bobbin winder for practically nothing, so I no longer have to try to figure out where my husband left the darn drill. :)

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