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Tour De Fleece, the first few days

Last year I bought the wheel, this year I'm in the gruelling Tour De Fleece!  My goal is modest--to spin every day of the Tour de France and get into the groove of spinning.  It's been fun to set aside some time just for spinning and I'm already noticing my spinning is easier and more consistent for the effort.

I started slow and lazy with some Ashland Bay fibre in Cranberry.  I just let the spinning happen and now have 230 grams of soft singles that I'm going to ply into soft chunky yarn. 





Last night I dug through my stash for the next project (note to self, you have a lot of fibre to spin) and decided on this lovely Grafton batt from last year's club.  


I'm attempting the self-striping yarn again in fingering weight.  The fibre just spun like nothing last night and I'm very happy with the results.



Tomorrow and Friday will be the big challenge.  We're off to Great Wolf Lodge  for two days of water sliding and I have no intention of bringing the wheel.  So I need to spin before we leave tomorrow and Friday night after a day of sliding.  I think I might pull out some practice fibre for that spin because if our trip to Fallsview last summer is any indication, I will be almost dead by the time I get home!


Your spinning is looking pretty good. FYI, you will want to move your slider more often to even out the singles on your bobbin. When they get too high in one section and collapse, the twist loosens up in that area, which can cause fibers in adjacent strands to catch on each other and tangle. Ask me how I found that out!

As a friend of mine said, "Practice makes better!" (not "perfect" because there's always room to improve) So keep on spinning!

LOVE that Grafton Batt.

Apparently I no longer hate brown...if you put pretty colours next to it.

I would advise you might be able to MOVE after that trip! One day at Great Wolf was enough to do me in.

That yarn looks fantastic :) Happy spinning (and sliding;)

I think that is a fabulous challenge. Keep up the good work!

love the colours! I've been trying to spin daily, but it hasn't worked so well for me. Good job sticking to it!

How lovely - some great colours here; just handling them must be wonderful.

I am totally in love with the colors in the last yarn you spun up.

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